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How Hiring A Local SEO Service Company Will Make A Difference In 2022


Local SEO has gained immense traction in the online marketing universe in a short period of time. If you look at the data below published in different reports by Google, you will understand just how significant the local aspect of a business has become in the contemporary times:

● The searches that carried the tag “Available near me”, grew by a full 100% over the last year

●The “Along my route” business searches saw a soaring increase by 1000%!

●People are finding “Now near me” businesses on local search, increasing by 200% YoY


Local SEO Service Company

Observing the patterns in all the three statistics listed above, it is evident that local SEO for a business now needs professional assistance. A good local SEO services company can help your company cash in on the large audience pool now flocking towards local businesses as their primary choice for shopping. Let’s now understand how hiring a local SEO services company in 2022 can help you make a difference on the bottom lines of your business.

How a Local SEO Service can Help

Getting professionals to manage the local SEO aspects of your digital presence helps improve the outreach of your brand, gets your business noticed better and brings back more footfall to your website than a self-managed online SEO campaign. Here are a few more ways hiring a local SEO services company can make a difference to your business this year.

Maintaining a Google Business Profile

In a study conducted by rioSEO, some amazing numbers came to light:

● 83% of the respondents were using Google Search to read about a local business

● 55% of the respondents were using Google Maps to find information about local businesses

Google, being the top-ranker in delivering information about a business to its consumers, the Google Business Profile becomes an important business façade to keep updated. SEO services professionally look after utilizing all the local aspects of Google Business profile to position your business in a highly discoverable spot online. The company keeps your business listing consistent and updated on Google Business.

Optimizing for Rich Results

Various web browsers today (especially Microsoft Bing) are modifying their algorithms to favor websites that are structured with respective schema that’s compatible with their rich local search results displays. The newest updates have included visual elements and more interactive informational displays along with search results to give the users a better idea of the website they will be visiting.

It would be challenging to manage the website schema to make it rich result-friendly by yourself; it is here that hiring a professional will help you optimize your website according to rich local results. Take the following example of Microsoft Bing results:


Optimizing for Rich Results

Here, the “bulb” icon next to the Facebook page of the local business searched for tells the visitor more about the website (in this case, the website is Facebook).

Taking Care of Attributions

Google is a search engine that’s always updating. In the Google Business profile, you will notice certain attributes that apply to your business, for example, the health and safety protocol your business follows, or if the customers can avail of online services, or if there are certain pandemic protocols your business observes. Professional local SEO services keep a track of the new attributes being added (or the old ones being phased out) and keep your business profile updated accordingly. This helps better optimize the website for local SEO. 

Taking Care of Attributions

It is a pain to remember to do this every once in a while, but it is a routine for the professionals.

Optimizing for Local Commerce

Consumer shopping habits have changed; they have become more likely to shop from the comfort of their homes, and for the items that are in-stock and readily available. A Google report highlights that search phrases with “in-stock” saw a boost of 800% in the past year, making local businesses more active in keeping their inventories full and Business profile reflecting the same.

Hiring a local SEO company will help you achieve Pointy integration on your Google Business profile, enabling you to log your inventory status and leverage the audience buying for items that are in-stock and available for prompt delivery.

Mobile-First Indexing

Smartphones are the new computers. Google found that 76% of the internet users were using smartphones to search for a local business, out of which 28% were actually converting. These are big numbers no business dares to miss out on – which is why hiring a professional local SEO agency makes total sense today. Optimizing the website such that it allows for a mobile-first indexing helps a business to rank better in the local search result rankings.


Local SEO isn’t very complex, but there are more aspects than you can count on the fingers to consider when optimizing your website for local search rankings. The professionals do it better and faster, and with better results than a self-managed SEO would deliver.

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