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Top 6 Surprising Reasons to Choose Facebook Widget for Any Website

    Facebook has currently over 2 billion users around the globe. This makes it an undeniably popular social media platform.

    After the changes in buying nature of the customers, brands have started to have a social media wall on their business websites. This has helped them gain credibility and trust from their existing and target customers as social media is designed to seem approachable and friendly. 

    Facebook Widget for Website

    In this entire race, Facebook widget has helped the brands more than any other social media platform. 

    How? Don't worry; we are going to answer all of your questions in this blog.  

    But, What Is A Facebook Widget?

    The feeds created by gathering content from Facebook are referred to as a Facebook widget. It includes all types of content seen on social media, including text, photos, and videos.

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    Surprising Reasons to Have Facebook Widget for Website 

    There are ample amount of reasons to embed Facebook widget on website.  Here are some of the best reasons to embed Facebook widget on website. 

    → a). Facebook Widget Boosts Engagement

    User-generated content is dynamic and diversified on Facebook. People enjoy seeing unique and relatable content.

    We are all aware of how contrasting and lively user-generated content can be. Therefore, including it on your website will make it more user-friendly and captivating. Since the feed updates in real-time, it offers diversity and occasionally fresh stuff, giving website users more content to examine.

    User-generated content also aids in humanizing a brand. With more UGC, you may pique users' interest with queries that are focused on results, such as what makes your brand's products special and popular with customers.

    → b). Showcase Social Proof 

    Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people imitate others' behavior under the pretense that it represents the right behavior. In marketing, this refers to the influence your product user has on your target customers when they talk about your product online. 

    This is because of their conviction that what other individuals are doing is morally correct or that the goods or services they are utilizing are excellent. People create social proof when they include your company's branded hashtags and account names in their social media posts.

    They gather evidence that customers are utilizing those brands' products and finding them satisfying enough to leave reviews on social media. Such proof is incredibly effective at encouraging website visitors to become paying clients.

    → c). Facebook Helps You to Build Trust 

    Any connection, whether it is personal or professional, is built on trust. You won't put money into something you don't trust. Therefore, building trust is crucial for a business to attract a customer base. Facebook widgets can help you achieve this. 

    When a brand has so many satisfied customers, people are more likely to believe it. In the end, it all comes down to contentment and trust. Using a Facebook widget you can also embed your customers’ reviews or feedback. This will help you to pump up the trust in your business. 

    → d). Increases the Dwell Time 

    Dwelling time is something that can improve your SERP results as well as your sales. Dwelling time is time spent on your website by a user. 

    It is safe to assume that Google is the most intelligent search engine because it constantly monitors your and your users' every step. Google keeps track of each of your website pages' dwell time, bounce rate, and exit rate and then ranks each page in accordance. Although SEO is not directly impacted in this way. Experts have noticed and advised keeping your page's dwell duration as long as possible.

    → e). Interaction with Target Audience 

    Having a Facebook Widget on website invites your target audience to have a good flow of conversation with them. A Facebook Widget on your website encourages user engagement with your brand. Moreover, it helps them understand that there is two-way contact with the brand. 

    You may take it a step further and forge a more intimate bond with your customers through your brand. Even better, it portrays your company as friendly.

    It can be done by encouraging individuals to talk honestly about your business and acknowledging the shortcomings of the products they are using.

    This type of social media presence on your website will show that you have a real connection with your customers, which will eventually boost your sales.

    → f). Visual Appeal 

    When you have a Facebook widget on your website, it helps you enhance the visual appeal of the website. This encourages the visitors to have causal visits to the website. This can be achieved through any social media aggregator tool. These tools help you to embed Facebook widget and customize them at the same time. It is a win-win situation for you. 

    Wrapping Up

    We are at the end of the blog and we hope that you are convinced to embed Facebook widget. 

    When you embed Facebook feed, it helps you to connect with your existing and potential customers on a deeper level.  

    Not all marketing tactics are going to give you such a high return; so don't wait anymore, embed Facebook widget on your website and see your business grow. 

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