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labsys. Health. Kerala. Gov. in: Register & Login to download report

    With the aid of a lab Diagnostic Management System, the Kerala state government established a new target of 100,000 cover tests in Kerala. The lab Diagnostic management system is a new piece of software used by the Kerala government, enabling it to keep track of health-related changes for COVID-19 patients. The Kerala government has established a high-level expert committee to address this issue and develop software tools for better outcomes. This system's primary goal is to offer 100000 Covid-19 tests, which aid in analyzing and monitoring Covid instances in Kerala state. By taking some significant actions, the government can regulate the COVID-19 models and assist them.

    labsys. Health. Kerala. Gov. in

    Critical features of

    • Based on a GIS interface, this system employs a state map and Google Maps to access real-time data.

    • The research indicates that this technique aids in presenting disease cases on the map with a specific marker.

    • This makes it easier to see data on trends, illness spread, and potential future spread.

    • This assists the state of Kerala in processing the registered cases and presenting reports as rapidly as possible, which the health department uses in real-time situations when it must take the appropriate measures and measurements to control the disease.

    • This approach is instrumental in stopping the disease's message from spreading at rising rates, which helps to prevent the outbreak of cases on a large scale that the Karnataka state has been dealing with in the past few years.

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    How to log in ?

    • First, visit the Lab Diagnostic Management System's official website.

    • Go to the login dashboard's home page.

    • Click the login icon to continue on the home screen's upper right corner.

    • Enter your login and password at this time. The sign-in button should now be clicked after entering the captcha code.

    • You will then be able to sign in to the lab diagnostic management system site quickly.

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    How to register on

    Use the steps below to create a new account on

    • Visit their official websites and login into your new account.

    • Sign up for Open Health Monitoring

    • Select Laboratory as the type of establishment.

    • Enter the lab's name, owner, and address.

    • Enter your contact information.

    • Select a Nodal Officer

    • Choose a local body

    • Establish a login password

    • Input your ICMR registration number.

    • Submit the completed form

    • Finally, the registration process is completed.

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    How to download test reports from

    • Visit the official website at first.

    • Then select Download Test Report from the Results menu.

    • After that, you must input your SRF number, mobile number, and captcha code.

    • Then, download your Test Report Result to your computer, and click the Download option.

    • Following that, you can check your test report on your computer online.

    Summing it up:

    The Department of Health and Family Welfare has announced the Lab Diagnosis Management System. The Kerala State Government offers a website where patients can get their test results. Patients will be able to examine their test report results online during COVID-19 with the aid of this Portal. Additionally, you can download the test report results to your Smartphone.

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