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Moj App download - moj videos & reels download | Use Moj app

     Today short video apps are extremely in high demand. An Indian short-video-making app Moj was released as a TikTok substitute last year. This software lets you use several effects to create a 15-second short film. The videos can be downloaded onto a device for subsequent viewing and shared on other social media sites. Moj offers a variety of emoticons and filters that give authors more freedom to experiment. On the Moj app, you can add special effects to videos, lip sync videos, and more. The Moj app offers stickers, special effects, and simple editing for short movies comparable to other apps. Learn how to download Moj videos on your smartphone in the following paragraphs:

    Moj App Download

    Features of Moj App:

    The Moj app still requires a few improvements because it is a relatively new product on the market. Few people have expressed frustration over their inability to post movies or create profiles. This could result from the app being accessible to some users and upcoming interface improvements. The Moj app also reportedly has advanced Magic filters that let users produce original music videos with amazing effects.

    How to use the Moj App?

    After installation, the Moj app prompts users to select their preferred language before launching the home page. A button in the site's top right corner leads to several alternatives. With other social media platforms, users can share short films here. Users can also discover the upload button, which opens the gallery on their smartphone, with the sharing options. Here, authors can choose a video they want to upload that can only be more than 15 seconds. After choosing, the Moj app expands to show further options, like stickers, emoticons, filters, and more. Once finished, users can share their video on the Moj app by uploading it. In addition to the upload button, there are a few more alternatives, such as reporting a movie they are watching or disliking.

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    How to download Moj App?

    The App Store and Play Store offer the Moj app. open the app store on any platform and type Moj into the search bar to download it. Next, you must access the Moj Short Video app's product page. Then you must click download. The downloading and installation process will begin instantly on Android. On iOS, however, the App Store will need your Apple account credentials to verify the installation. On iOS, the app is 124.3MB in size and 60.46MB on Android.

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    How to download Moj Videos?

    You can download any video to your appliance if you want to watch it later. You don't need to download third-party software for that. For instance, you use third-party software to download Reels video. However, you can download a video to your phone's local storage and share any videos through other social networking platforms using a capability included in the Moj app. The detailed instructions for downloading Moj videos to your smartphone are provided here.

    • Select a video, and then click the share icon on the right side of the screen.

    • Tap the download switch to begin the video download. You can now see the download option.

    • Go to your gallery to see the video after it has been downloaded.

    • A share tab will also be available, allowing you to post the video immediately to social media platforms.

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    Bottom Line:

    The Moj app was the main focus of this. The above-explained guide has answered your questions regarding the Moj app on how to download. If you find the information on this guide beneficial, spread the word to your friends, students at your campus, and other Moj app users.

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