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5 Aspects to Keep in Mind When Considering Selling Your Content Website

Maybe you are tired of running your blog or it’s grown in value and you’d like to secure your financial future by selling it. Regardless of your motives, this can be a complicated process, especially if you are doing this for the first time.

Suppose you want to know the ropes on how to sell your blog and get an in-depth understanding of all the possibilities before you. In that case, we strongly advise you to dive into comprehensive guides on the subject matter because the whole process can be life-changing and opens up a new realm of opportunities. As such, it requires preparation and implementation. 

How to Sell Blog

However, if you are only playing with the idea and want to know what aspects you need to keep in mind before selling your content website, read on.

#1 Invest time and take your website's content to its peak

The more time and effort you put in the beginning, the easier it will be to sell it later on. And to have a successful sale, you need to have a quality and well-managed content website rather than an improvised one. 

Consequently, aim at having at least 20 high-quality blog posts published on your site before you even consider selling it. That is the minimum amount of content you need to start driving consistent traffic to your blog and making money from it, so you need to strive for more.

#2 Get more traffic from different sources

Another thing you need to do before you can sell your blog is increase its traffic. To secure that, you need to invest in SEO (search engine optimization) and do that through executing an excellent long-term strategy. 

But, most importantly, to increase your organic traffic more strategically, consider optimizing your existing content through content optimization. Having huge organic traffic always impresses the buyer because they understand that the site has excellent growth potential in the future. 

In addition, if your blog relies on a single source of traffic, then it is a great idea to diversify your traffic sources, meaning experimenting with new potential channels for traffic, which means potentially finding sources that send great visits, links, citations, shares, and so on.

#3 Work out the value of your blog

Figuring out the value of your blog is the same as figuring out the value of any business. You need to look at the profit it makes. That means that the value you calculate should be based on a multiple of its monthly or annual profit. A good starting point can be:

● if your site is less than three years old: monthly profit x 20,

● if your site is more than three years old: monthly profit x 30.

Base your monthly profits on the site's average income over the past year.

If profit has been steadily increasing, you may base your calculations on the past six or even three months' worth of figures. However, the chances are that you will get a lower multiple. Depending on your site and exactly what you are offering, you may have to negotiate the price when you find a buyer.

value of your blog

#4 Keep good records 

A well-known rule: Evidence sells! That is why you need to make sure you keep good records of your:

● Website's performance by tracking your site's traffic through analytics. For example, you can use Google Analytics to track new and returning users, engagement, revenue, retention, demographics, conversions, and events. 

● Data about your website revenue so you can get a good sale price. The longer your revenue history, the better multiple when calculating the price because your site has proven itself.

● Financial records like the Income / Loss spreadsheet, Expense sheet, and Proof of sales.

#5 Timing is essential

If you generate less than 3k/month in net profit, it can be challenging to sell your blog. Because buyers often have their own needs regarding what, when, and why they acquire a new business, you may have difficulty finding a buyer willing to pay six figures or more for something that does not meet their specific needs. 

Keep in mind that no matter what your blog is generating in net profits after you have reached your plateau in your blog's growth, it is always better to sell before the business tumbles due to negligence.


We hope we have shed some light on the essential aspects you need to consider when weighing on selling your content website. Remember, it is vital not to go in ignorantly when playing with this thought. 

Instead, be patient, invest in your website, improve it as much as possible and actively study sites that successfully sold. Having all the information you need will make everything go much smoother and with less last-minute hustle.

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