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How to Become Popular on Instagram?

How to Become Popular on Instagram

If you're tired of worrying about which of my photos break the barriers and which creeps in the dust, finally there are scientific solutions to your problem. Aditya Khosla, an employee of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, determined what was held in the images and what was twisted in the nose. 

Based on this study, I wanted to share with you the secrets of gaining likes and followers - in short, become popular - on Instagram, the most prestigious photo diary of social media, by adding my own experiences.

Don't be fooled by the red

Red is the most striking color since ancient times! Traffic lights, signposts, matador cloaks, underwear and red are all the top in everyday life. It is accepted that colors such as blue, white and black have their own charisma, but it is also useful to put red in another lane. Take care to include magical tones of red in your photos.

Have you ever shared a cup?

On Instagram, the cup, not the coffee, has forty years of memories, even forty likes in a second. It may sound funny, but when the cup photos from the pattern, design, handle to the edges are combined with stylish backgrounds and the right angles, they take care of themselves. It's up to you to sit back and enjoy your increasing follower and likes chart.

Know what you're doing

You travel, you see, you buy… but what percent of them do you photograph and share on your Instagram account? If you geograph and brand what you do, be sure that your number of likes will increase in an instant, and other users who want to share your experiences that are curious about the places you go will throw the number in your follower list much higher than they are.

Personal property alarm

In the photos where you put your feet in front of your ufon during the winter months, people look directly at your heater, not the pattern of your socks, and pass by saying 'Iyyy suburb'. Or another photo where you carefully try to emphasize the apple logo in a photo you took while working on your laptop. It doesn't save you either. Your golf cart, pen, notepad, even spatula! It lowers your likes. Stay away, even if you can't stay away, try to explain why you are sharing a spatula to your followers in a logical way.

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Watch out for the holy trinity!

People of my country like hot things. Almost everything that evokes the trilogy of horses, horses and weapons allows you to get likes on Instagram. If you're a woman, your job is easier. An elegant photo with your legs crossed in your mini skirt can quickly increase your popularity. As you know, ladies can shoot with their eyes and outshine even pure-blooded horses with their body lines. But if you are a man, it is very difficult to post a photo that will draw attention to this trio without looking unattractive and scary. Applause if you succeed, don't waste your time on Instagram, go and become the creative director.

If there is a fund, there is a like

Go to a cafe with the famous ambiance of the 80s, find the corner of the place that best reflects the spirit of the period, take lots of photos and choose the one that fits the filters best and share them. Another thing that our people love is texture, moreover, there is something like an association of tissue lovers, because users who share photos with this concept in many Instagram accounts that I have examined are closely following each other. Oh, you don't have a chance, you can't go to concept cafes, it's okay! Stone, brick, marble, concrete, all the background, all bring admiration, even if you shoot yourself in front of it.

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Share what you see, not what you travel

Landscape photos are at the top of the list of people who don't go out of their way these days, stay away. It's good, it's nice, it's beautiful, I understand, but think about it, according to whom? According to what? Within what criteria is it beautiful? Unfortunately, Instagram, like many social media devices, is an organic, bloody thing. His mood is also in constant change, so if you do not follow his temper, he will withhold followers and likes from you, and he will go on trips in his own way. If I need to wrap up the situation, if you share a macro or micro state of a daisy in the park instead of sharing a panoramic park photo, you will be able to keep Instagram pleasant.

Attack the crowds

I know, concert and festival photos are a big problem for those who stay at home, have to work, or get bored in the middle of the lesson and find the solution surfing Instagram. But there is nothing to do! The energy dosage is high, and the fidgety photos are filled with followers and likes like ants. Of course, there is an etiquette to this too. If you just draw a street crowd and share it, your followers can skip your photo by saying 'So what's the purpose?' without moving their fingers. Stadiums, stylish crowds of pleasant venues and, as I mentioned at the beginning, concerts and festivals should be your priority when choosing.

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Don't miss the Sunday harvest

The blessed day of Instagram is Sunday! It is fixed with data that the photos you take that day will get more likes and more followers than you expected. And yet, why is it that in Aditya Khosla's research, the most uploaded day is Thursday? begs the question. Sorry, there is no satisfactory answer from either Aditya or me. I pass by the human condition and return to the market rule. Save yourself for Sunday, as the amount of likes and followers is important to you, not the number of shares.

Use your own photos

Popular culture is the phenomenon that brings the highest ratings today. Instagram has had its fair share of this. The more you keep popular culture tools and issues on your agenda, the more likes and followers you will gain. As a golden rule, write it in a corner. It's a good idea to use your own photos while doing this. Be sure, people have the capacity to know whether you are traveling or not, you are not shooting, you are just playing with effects. Especially in our age when everyone is a social media genius, don't be a part of such small games, you will destroy your entire Instagram account and your reputation. If you can't travel a lot, take a lot of photos, the 'Madonna in a Fur Coat', which never loses its popularity in your library, and a cup of coffee that you will place next to it will not make you look too far from the issues, and will even cause you to be showered with admiration.

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Be daring

If you want to hack Instagram, I'm sure you already know the answer. Let me just remind you one more time. If you have nothing to fear or worry about because of family, love, work and friendship situations, even if you are one of those who retake photos of courage, what I wrote doesn't mean much to you because you are probably already a phenomenon. Sir, there is no need to mutter! Looking for an example from our country, type Kerimcan Durmaz and search. No, I hang out internationally. The magic formula for those who say they want to be a phenomenon, not just likes and followers, is 'courage'.

10 tips that open the doors of likes and followers

• Things that instill a sense of joy, excitement and cuteness in people spread quickly.

• It's ego repulsive! –I wonder? This rule does not apply to Instagram, you can be the pioneer of a new trend on your profile by taking quality and extraordinary selfies, you can embrace likes and followers and walk away.

• Don't believe that 'long writing people get bored' is a lie. You can share anything that is beautiful and long in a way that creates a meaningful whole with your photo. Looking for an example, Instagram's official account turns the bottom of the photos it shares into a storybook. If the expert is doing this, there is a wisdom. We already have a Twitter for the 140-character compact stuff.

• If you have a chance to run your photo with a list or infographic, your chances of likes and followers are much higher than those without.

• The times and intervals to share your photos are very important, do your calculations well. For this, you need to know your followers and the people you follow. Instagram also strengthens your spying side. Or should I say stalker?

• If you manage to highlight your content, not your photo, you can get likes like crazy, even if you are not a venue guru or gourmet, you can create your own fan base. To achieve this, some reading is required.

• You couldn't leave the house for a long time, but you have photos taken in the past. What day does #TBT stand? With Throwback Thursday, go back in time with your Instagram followers every Thursday, but while doing so, be careful to share the right photo with good filters. Nobody likes a photo that looks like it was taken in the early 1900s, or rather, it's not what it is. Let's do one last beauty #TBT time, photos taken in the 80's and 90's work best. Even if you don't have one, your parents or a relative definitely have. Do not hesitate to share. Anyway, everyone is dying to go back to those days right now.

• Let's come to the filter point of the event, unfortunately, Instagram's own filters do not work anymore. If you get basic applications such as Vscocam and Afterlight and edit your photos with them, your gallery will look more elegant and you will not be exposed to adolescent comments such as 'Aaaaah still uses Instagram's own effects, lame'. You can also use Flowline Center site for increasing your interaction and followers on Instagram.

• The story, the story, the story is worth dwelling on over and over! If your photo has a good story, it doesn't really matter what it shows. That photo sells itself to hundreds of likes. Do you still want an example? You can search and find the story of the baby bottle that Britney Spears shared on her Instagram account.

• It is not possible to pass up the scientific dimension of the work. According to research conducted in the USA, 79 percent of smartphone users check their Instagram accounts within the first 15 minutes of waking up every morning. According to a study conducted in 2011, Instagram is viewed an average of 150 times a day, 100 of which corresponds to evening hours. In the light of these statistics, I guess I don't need to repeat when you should share your photos. We wish you to live your Instagram experience with lots of likes and followers expressed in thousands.


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