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5 Things That Make A Service Business Successful

    Every prospective entrepreneur would like to have a successful business, but not all of them achieve this goal. Service-based businesses, for one, require more than just investment for them to thrive. Despite the huge demand in this highly lucrative industry, anyone venturing into it still needs to put in a lot of work.

    Most management tools employed by service managers today were designed specifically for product companies. Inasmuch as they still help tackle general business challenges, they’re not ideal for service-based enterprises. In this article you’ll learn about the key factors that help a service business hit its desired goals.

    Service Business

    #1. Investment in technology

    Technology has become part and parcel of pretty much every successful business today. Therefore, for any service-based venture to achieve it’s full potential, it needs to harness this in order to compete innovatively in the modern market. Regardless of the exact trade you’re running or planning to start, there are a few aspects of technology that are essential.

    First, you need to invest in a management software application like the one created by Jobber to help you run your daily operations effectively. Integrating this program into your chimney sweep, lawn care, or plumbing service business for example will make it easier for you to manage all field activities. In the long run, you’ll be able to improve the experience of your customers.

    Another area of technology that is critical to maintaining a regular flow of new customers is digital marketing. Successful companies today invest a significant amount of resources into online advertising. Hiring social media influencers, for instance, doesn’t come cheap—especially for SMEs—but the results are there for everyone to see. There are many innovations today designed for the enterprise world, so be sure to go select the ones that are most applicable to your situation and that will add the greatest value to your business.

    #2. Proper communication strategy

    A communication strategy relates to how the management of a company relates to its employees, employee-employee interactions, and how information is communicated between a company and its customers. When the management and its staff members have a clear understanding of what’s required of them, the overall winner is always the business.

    So, how can you achieve this as a service manager? The first thing you need to do is encourage transparency throughout your organization. If there are details of a given project that you can’t share due to confidentiality, make that clear to avoid any misunderstanding. The same applies to the employees; every one of them needs to know how to tailor their message and make it as clear as possible. This might seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many companies don’t prioritize effective communication and end up failing as a result, either directly or indirectly.

    Communication with customers is vital to the success of any service business. Make sure your clients are well informed about your service delivery and expectations.  A good idea is to share a pricelist using an estimate template so that people enquiring about your service can be informed quickly and you can be part of their decision making process – a great way to start winning more jobs.

    While at it, encourage your field service technicians and agents to collect feedback from your clients at the end of every task to help you improve your service delivery techniques. These communication tactics are simple to implement with the right resources and systems in place. 

    #3. Recruiting only qualified people

    The technicians, marketing team, and call agents are all representatives of your service business. As such, customers tend to make their judgements based on how these people treat them before, during, and after every field project. It's, therefore, imperative that you hire employees who are qualified in their respective departments, or who are in the process of receiving thorough training with a mentor. 

    For instance, an electrical technician who understands and has enough experience dealing with electricity will have an easier time solving related problems. The quicker they find a solution to a given problem, the stronger your brand reputation grows. Your call agents also need to understand how to handle every client and always maintain their calm even when things get heated. So, for your service business to compete with the best in the market, you’ll need to hire the best people you can afford. 

    #4. Prioritizing customer needs

    Another thing that makes a service business successful is its prioritization of customer experience and needs. It's worth noting that consumer demands are always changing, and you need to keep up with them in order to achieve high levels of satisfaction. Ensuring that you meet the needs of your clients will encourage them to consider your services again in future.

    Your communication strategy should focus on the collection of customer feedback. The information you generate through this process will help you understand what your clients want. This way, you can introduce new aspects to your service delivery process and make improvements where necessary.

    #5. Improve employee experience

    Inasmuch as customers are among the most important stakeholders in any business, they shouldn’t be your only concern. You also need to focus on the experience of your employees. Hiring the best in the market isn’t the only way to increase productivity. At the end of the day, they’re all human and will need a favorable environment for them to be more productive. 

    Therefore, make sure you give them all the resources they require to enhance their delivery service. Be sure to also do an internal survey periodically to understand what your employees think of the current working conditions. The feedback collected in the process should be addressed with the seriousness it deserves. This way, your staff members will feel appreciated and part of your valuable team.


    Service-focused enterprises dominate major economies today as more people seek expert services in their day-to-day lives. Running a service business, however, can be quite tricky if you don’t fully understand what’s required of you. To enhance your chances of competing with the best organizations in the industry, you’ll need to consider investing in various aspects of technology like digital marketing and business management software. 

    Additionally, make sure you prioritize the needs of your employees and customers because they both play a huge role in the success of any organization. Whether you’re just starting or already have an existing service-based business, the tips discussed in this article should help you move closer to your goals. 

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