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How To Increase Followers on Instagram

    Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Followers on Instagram

    Instagram is the favorite of brands, big and small, to drive social media presence, quality traffic to landing pages, conversions, increased followers, and engagement levels. If your IG presence is not as powerful as you expected, you need to hone your social media marketing strategies for gaining genuine, real followers on this photo-sharing site. When your fan following increases, the more beneficial for your branding. It helps in creating one-off experiences for your audience. 

    Increase Insta Followers

    Then, increasing your follower count is not enough if you fail to build engagement. Your goal is to make your followers visit landing pages, buy your products, and support your brand with the help of their friends and followers. 

    According to an article published on, there are many ways to gain more Instagram followers. These include creating great IG stories, networking with influencers, reuse user-generated content, use Instagram Live, and more. Therefore, if you would like to build your IG presence naturally, here some of the best tips to gain more followers in 2021:

    Keep your content calendar consistent 

    Posting photos and videos randomly or at odd times will not help you gain followers. On the contrary, you will end up spending much of your time taking photos, applying filters, and shooting videos, but with no followers and zero engagement if you post at the wrong times. A few posts now and then will not help you. Fret not. You can resolve this issue by maintaining a consistent content calendar. 

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    Stick to a regular posting time and days. Usually, you should not post images or videos related to your business more than a couple of times every day. Else, your posts will look like spam. No matter what, keep your content consistent. Remember that 200 million Instagrammers log on to this photo-sharing site every day, and therefore, publish stunning content a few times all through the day. 

    Make sure to adhere to a schedule to provide a consistent experience for your targeted audience on Instagram. 

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    Improve your Instagram bio

    Before you think of increasing your followers and like, create an Instagram bio that is optimized. Think of it as your profile’s home page. If you do not have a proper bio, user name, captions for the profile image, how will your audience know about your business? The link in your IG bio is that element to generate quality traffic to your business website, and therefore, its optimization is important. 

    You might be wondering where you should link. Well, you can use your product pages that are relevant to the keywords (KWs), campaigns, and hashtags on your IG profile. 

    Make sure you keep your username SEO-friendly, implying using something similar to your brand name. In case, the name is longer, shorten it in such a way so that your audience can identify your brand easily. Avoid including special characters or numbers to your IG username and keep it consistent with social networking handles such as Facebook or Twitter. 

    Publish content that your followers will love

    Though this is not as simple as it sounds, you need to figure out which content will work for your followers and which not. You want to buy Instagram followers, who are real people loving your brand and products, and that is what matters for your success. All you need to do is take some time out of your busy schedule and study IG accounts that are doing well. Figure what kind of content they are posting for gaining maximum followers and engagement. Then, make sure you study IG accounts that are related to your niche business. So testing the waters is essential for social media success in 2021, when the competition is so tough. 

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    The image quality, captions, filters, posts time, kind of posts, and things like that matter, making a real difference when it comes to your Instagram content. Study the latest trends of Instagram to determine which types of posts are popular and trending these days. 

    Walk the extra mile by investing in IG Analytics tools to make your job simpler. You can benchmark, monitor, and evaluate content across profiles. 

    Keep your content strategy consistent by assessing the diverse filters and captions to understand what is working best with your followers. If you are not sure how to go about it, start assessing your competitors in business. 

    Avoid copying strategies directly from others, but draw inspiration. Make notes of what posts you are publishing that generate followers and build engagement. You need to perform a little competitive study to help you succeed when it comes to increasing followers and engagement levels. The best way is by using tools to figure out what is working for your competitors in your industry. 

    Start the conversation

    One of the best ways to make people know about your Instagram content is by conversation. Based on the findings of the 2021 Sprout Social Index, customers love to engage with visually rich content such as images, which is 68 percent, and then videos, which is 50 percent. Then, another 30 percent like to engage with text-based posts. 

    Instagram is that social media platform, where you need to woo your audience with stunning photos together with smart captions. It means you need to have great copywriting skills as well. 

    Besides images, videos, and captions, followers also engage with Stories (26 percent), live videos (22 percent), user-generated content (10 percent), and things like that. 

    You need to start the conversation and push it forward through photos, videos, chats, comments, stories, and more. Make sure you reply to most of the user comments on IG because you need to grow your followers, convert them into customers, and continue developing a healthy relationship with your buyers. 

    Studies indicate that 89 percent of customers will purchase from a brand after they follow the social media account. Therefore, it is important to secure follower loyalty and attention to transform a visitor into an active follower. 


    Now that you have these tips in front of you, use them to your benefit. Increase your follower count, reach, and most importantly, build engagement to realize your business goals. Are you using any of these strategies already? If so, share your experience. 

    Author’s Bio: 

    Walter Moore is a writer and notable management and digital marketing expert at blastup. He is an experienced digital marketer who has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance

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