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What is Xfinity? Know Everything About Telecommunications Company

    In this article, we are going to learn about Xfinity. What is this Xfinity company and the services as well as products they deal with. With various types of telecommunication companies out there, it is important to know how Xfinity stands apart. This article is going to help you learn that only. 


    Xfinity Establishment

    First, let us talk about Xfinity history. Xfinity is a division of Comcast Corporation Ltd. The brand was established in 2010 and prior to that Comcast used to sell these services under its name only. This rebranding was done in line with the Olympics in 2010 so that the company can market this new name during the competitions. 

    The CEO of Xfinity is Dave Watson. Xfinity has grown rapidly in the past decade and has evolved as one of the most popular telecommunications companies in the US.

    Xfinity is aiming at providing better voice, internet, mobile, entertainment and home management connectivity. The company wants to ensure that people get access to all the things that matter to them most.

    Services of Xfinity

    Xfinity offers a wide array of services to users. In the modern era, connectivity is one thing that matters most and Xfinity knows about it. Xfinity is reimagining how it would be to offer great connectivity and help people stay in touch with each other and has been working on making it possible till day. Here are their products.

    → ● xFi: 

    xFi is for customers who need powerful and secure connection in their home along with wall to wall coverage. This comes with advanced security features to safeguard the devices and data. The entire home connections are protected from any kind of malware or cyber threats with this product.

    → ● Xfinity TV and Streaming: 

    One point subscription for various streaming platforms. You can also enjoy the live TV along with it. The best thing about this is that it has a DVR (digital video recorder) which helps in recording the videos. 

    → ● Xfinity Mobile: 

    This enables you to buy the latest model phones along with internet connection. The company offers the best deals along with trading your old phone with a new one.

    → ● Xfinity Home: 

    Add an extra and most important layer for your house protection with Xfinity Home. This security system will keep the intruders out of your house. Install the security cameras and keep monitoring your house with these. The app sends immediate alarms in case of any intrusion.

    → ● Home Phone: 

    Take a family plan from this home phone and talk to your family without any hassle. The voice digital phone works with the help of Wi-Fi and offers Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP). This indeed is one of the best options out there with a great call quality.

    Wrapping Up

    Xfinity is all about connectivity. The company strives to ensure that there is better communication and also data security. With multiple products available, we can say that Xfinity covers almost every connection-related aspect in a house. Right from Wi-Fi to streaming libraries, they have a solution for every requirement. 

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