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The Best Graphic Design Portfolios Online To Follow For Inspirations

The 21st century digital media has turned a haven for design aspirants. From funky Instagram profiles to creative YouTube videos, you can find inspirations as a graphic designer anywhere on the web today.

graphic design portfolios online

Whether you study a graphic design course in London or just want to explore the creativity of talented graphic designers across the world, Instagram can be a great tool. The social media channel has turned a platform for thousands of graphic designers and illustrators to portray their creativity.

Here is a list of some of the best graphic design portfolios on the Internet that can inspire you to come up with unique designs for your own portfolio.

1. The Poop Culture

The Poop culture is one of the most popular graphic design accounts on Instagram with famous clients like Dior and MTV. The owner of the channel features illustrations and designs deriving from pop culture. These include graphic illustrations of Hollywood celebrities as well as Disney princesses imagined as millennials.

The designs are bright and quirky and you can browse through hundreds of posts on the account for inspiration. 


@itsminimal.ish is another Instagram account owned and operated by @ari_thepoet. The artist has put up their beautiful illustrations promoting body positivity and racial integration. The designs include women of different sizes and colours in real-life or imagined settings.

If you are inspired by these socially-provoking designs and want to keep them with you, you can also buy souvenirs and home décor items like pillow covers from the account holder. 

3. Stefanmfoster

Abstract art and bright colour lovers will love the account of @stefanmfoster on Instagram. This account is filled with bright quirky designs featuring humans and inanimate objects. The illustrations can be great as wall hangings, art décor or even home décor items like comforters and bedsheets.

4. Smileatstyle_illustration

A freelance illustrator named Laura Heitxman runs the Smileatstyle_illustration account on Instagram. A big believer of human growth and positivity, Laura showcases graphic designs that feature fun young women in every day scenarios. She also derives her designs from pop culture references or the classics and gives a modern twist to them.

These portfolios aside, do look up accounts like the Big Mouth Creative Studio and Artbyjayr for more inspirations.

Browsing through the web for ideas can do well for inspiration but might fall short in providing you with relevant skills for a graphic designing job. Pursuing a professional course in the subject can expose you to the latest trends in the industry as well as making an expert in the field.

Invest in an appropriate graphic designing programme today to speed up your journey to become a successful graphic artist or illustrator.

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