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How To Fix Steam Shared Library Locked Error?

Steam shared library is a service where all steam members can share their accounts once they have set up a family library. All members can maintain separate accounts while being capable of playing games of each other’s accounts. The games played in this format are stored on a cloud service and player progress and successes are recorded as their account title only.

steam shared library locked

Why steam shared library locked:

The steam shared library is automatically locked when both drives use it simultaneously, regardless of whether they are allowed to use it. This occurs for the protection of the library from unauthorized use and it was mentioned in the steam community rules, only one authorized user is allowed to play games in the library at once. Sometimes, a library is also locked if two authorized users are online at the same time, regardless of whether they play games or not.

Internet access may be blocked for steam on your computer because a shared library error happens. So, try to add a carve-out for the steam app in your firewall for both private and public networks.

Ways to fix steam share library locked error:

To get fixed the steam share library locked error; just follow these steps very closely. By sharing the games with your friends, you save your money. The one issue you have is that you can’t use it freely when your friend logs in. Steam will give you an immediate warning and in five minutes, you will be expelled from the game. 

So how will you ensure that you are not expelled from a shared account if the account holder comes online? That’s what you are going to obtain steam work for you and your shared account. With the below steps, you can fix the steam shared library locked error and prevent steam from locking whenever you both are online. 

Step 1:

Click ‘windows’ + ‘R’ to launch the run prompt.

Step 2:

Type ‘firewall.cpl’ and tap ‘Enter’ to initiate the windows firewall.

Step 3:

Tap on advanced settings on the left side of the window and give yes if it asks for user request permission. You will see the window defender firewall with advanced security dialogue will be shown.

Step 4:

Go to outbound rules at the left side of the window. 

Next, below the outbound rules drop-down menu on the Actions tab to the right side of the window.

Step 5:

From the outbound rules drop-down list. Tap the ‘New Rule’ option. You will see the new outbound rule wizard pop-up box. Click on the ‘program’ option and tap ‘Enter’ or give next.

Step 6:

Then select ‘this program path’ and navigate to your ‘steam’ folder. The steam.exe file can be found at the default position below.

Step 7:

Once you have done so. Select ‘block connection’ and press on the ‘next’ option. Verify that the domain, private and public options are all selected. Continue by clicking the ‘next’ option.

Step 8:

You can name the rule whatever you want and press ‘next’. You would have hoped to solve the problem of being locked in or expelled from your steam library.

Shut down steam on another system:

The main reason for this error is that the other steam account that was allowed to play the game is currently connected to the steam and might be activated in the background. Consequently, because of that, you have the steam shared library locked error. To resolve this problem. You must ensure that steam has been shut down on all computers with access to the shared library.

Ensure that a shared user is not playing the same game:

A single steam user must play a game bought at once. The rules of the steam allow only one user to play at a time. If more than one player is attempting to play the game, you will receive a steam share library locked error. So, turn off the game on the other computer or wait until the other player finishes playing so that you can able to play again.

Set up a ‘.BAT’ file:

All you need to do is download the file and retrieve it from your computer in a convenient location. Run your game as soon as it is started. Click twice on the file ‘Steam Off. Bat’. This will ensure that the application does not connect to the internet and you can now play any other game in your friend’s library without having to tell them to stop playing. In addition, you can also double-click on the file ‘Steam On.bat’; it will allow you to re-connect your steam application to the internet.

Here we have learned about the steam share library and how to fix if your steam share library is blocked. Go through correctly the aforementioned steps one by one and enjoy your online games happily.

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