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What do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft. Revealed!!

Minecraft is a survival game that millions like to play. It is a game for children from 8 years and above. Through the games, you get to explore the wilderness and make various friends and rivals in the process. The game is filled with diverse and exciting creatures. And one of those creatures isthe polar bear. So, do you wish to know more about these bears? Want to know when they were they added? And how can you make them follow you? Hold on and learn more.

What do polar bears eat in minecraft

1. What do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft, and where to find them?

Polar bears eat raw fish. If you are a regular Minecraft player, you already know about that what do polar bears eat in Minecraft. But, if you are not, it would help if you knew which fishpolar bears precisely eat in Minecraft. Polar bears eat fish such as raw cod and raw salmon. Another essential factor that you must know is polar bears do not get tamed in the game as you tame a horse or a wolf. Therefore, to make two adult polar bears breed, you need to feed them raw salmonor raw cod.

Once two polar bears breed, they reproduce offspring. And the adult bears, therefore, tend to become more hostile towards the player. And they would calm down only if you feed them raw fish. The best way to find raw fish in the game is by crafting a fishing rod. You can prepare a fishing rod with three sticks and two strings.

The other way to find fish is finding it floating above the water and or snatching them by defeating zombies. You can also harvest fish and other materials if you want to. For example, you can take a few axolotls to the nearest coral. Axolotls will hunt fish, squid, guardians and other fish for you. You will also find raw fish in villages and abandoned towns of Minecraft. And if you hunt and burn down polar bears, they would also drop raw salmon and cod. 

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2. Adding polar bears to Minecraft

Polar bears were first added by the creative designer of Minecraft, Jens Bergensten or Jeb. Jeb added polar bears six months before the game's release. You can find two versions of Minecraft; Java and Bedrock. As you must know, java was the original version of Minecraft, and it is only playable on personal computers.

Bedrock version is available on gaming portals and mobile phones. For example, if you play Minecraft on java, you will likely receive new content earlier. For the bedrock edition, you will get content later. However, now two versions update new contents at the same time. There were pocket editions earlier, but now it is part of bedrock versions. From the very beginning, polar bears gained substantial popularity. 

In the beginning, polar bears could jump in the water while they were on fire like any other animals in the same situation. But in later updates, the developers gave polar bears more power, and they were given preys other than players. And the polar bears could also attack players in a peaceful mode. Luckily, players could not die if their games were set in peaceful mode. 

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3. Making a polar bear follow you

Can you make a polar bear follow you in the game? Yes, you can; and there are two specific ways you can make polar bears follow you. One way is, yes, you guessed it right; by luring them with their favourite food, raw fish. But, this method would not help you much, as you can only make them follow you for a short distance.

It also takes a considerable time to make polar bears follow you with their favourite food. Using leads is a more accessible and more effective way of making polar bears follow you in Minecraft. Leads are difficult to craft, but they are not hard to find. You can find leads in the chests in desert temples and underground mines.

You gather leads by attacking and killing merchants. Once you strike the merchants, their llamas would spit at you, and the merchants would use an invisibility potion to flee. So you must defeat those merchants quickly and collect the leads. Each travelling merchant would drop two leads once you beat them. And if you do not find the leads, you would have to kill their llamas even after the merchants are dead. Once you have the leads in your hands, click the polar bears, and they will follow you.

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4. Making Tundra fun in Minecraft

Tundra is a complex region to survive. But once you have fish and seeds with you through farming and fishing, you can easily survive in Tundra with the polar bears. And polar bears make it possible for you to explore these freezing biomes. So you can survive in the homelands of polar bears through preparation.

While you cannot befriend polar bears fully, you can coexist with them in the Tundra. Polar bears are neutral animals and make adorable neighbours. And these bears can add a unique charm to your courtyard.

You can coexist with these polar bears by respecting their personal space and enjoying their activities from a distance. Players often bring their polar bear population to the Tundra if they are determined enough. And you can do it too.

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Parting words

Minecraft, as it seems, is a parallel, virtual world, coexisting with the real world. The game is extraordinarily vivid, and players often play these games for hours. Unfortunately, such activities often harm their health and affect their eyesight and social skills. Therefore, be careful if you decide to play this game. And do not get too much involved. That said, Minecraft is an exciting game, and I adore the polar bears.

Author Bio: Henry Tesfaye is a blogger and a teacher with ten years of experience. He is also associated with, where he offers English homework help to students. In addition to this, Henry loves to dance whenever he has time. 

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