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Face Recognition Technology - A Foremost way to Combat Identity Theft

    With the advancement of the world, fraudsters are also getting smart in stealing the personal information of the clients. All organizations should be aware of incoming and outgoing individuals for the safety of their systems. For that reason, biometric systems are playing a vital role in all departments globally. Biometrics is a technology that observes the unusual traits of humans to recognize the identity while onboarding clients, for securities, unlocking the phones, regulatory compliance, etc.  One of the famous biometric systems is the face verification solution.  

    Face Recognition Technology

    Introduction of Online Face Verification

    Face verification systems are all set to provide identity services to all authorities, as they have the potential and patience of proceeding with this in real-time. It helps to prevent all businesses from impersonators who are the ones to cause identity theft while onboarding a customer, verifying the salespersons, identifying clients while transactions, and other businesses in B2B and B2C associations. According to a study, it was assumed that about 74 percent of the client's trust in biometric verification, as it is the most secure software for verification purposes. Financial, non-financial, legal, retail and e-commerce are the businesses that use facial recognition to secure the systems from identity theft. 

    The procedure of Facial Verification System

    One of the convenient ways of verification is online face verification, which is very efficient in recognizing identity scams and checking unexpected persons. Its procedure doesn't even give a single chance to cybercriminals to do scams according to their wish. Some of the processes which are included in the process of verification include;  

    Conforming the Faces

    Live Appearance Detection

    3D Facial Recognition

    ✔️ Conforming the Faces

    The first step of facial recognition includes conforming to the faces in which the face of a person is accessed by a proficient biometric service and proper screening against it is also performed. The recognized face and the picture on the legal documents are cross-matched through the efficient process of Document Verification. This online facial verification solution helps to extract the criminal in a real-time and proper investigation is practiced about the identity of a person to know whether that person is authentic, fake, or stolen the identity of another person. 

    ✔️ Live Appearance Detection

    The liveness of a person is detected in the second step of identification in this process of face verification, as it is a smart solution to observe the live appearance of a person. In which the minor facial expression of a  person is detected by movements like the blinking of eyes, and smiling. If it is required to perform verification online by staying at home, then clients are bound to make a small selfie video and make small movements so that they can be fully recognized.

    ✔️ 3D  Facial Recognition

    In the third step of identification, the facial features are detected in-depth and the minor unique lines on the face are detected, which do not give a single chance to criminals to get their desires to be fulfilled. In 3D facial identification, the minor features and contour lines of a person are matched with the picture which is provided on an authentic document. In short, 3D observation saves the systems from serious fraud cases globally. 

    Benefits of Online Face Verification

    Face verification is an advanced technology that is playing a vital role in several sectors like academic, corporate, financial, e-commerce, and etc. there are multiple advantages given below;   


    ✔️ Prevention From Identity Theft

    By checking the driving licenses, Id cards, and account information, the identity of the clients and the cybercriminals can be checked very easily who are not good for the welfare of the businesses. This is a common crime that is affecting business entities badly and is the only reason to perform KYC and AML regulations for the safety of personal data.

    ✔️ Defense From Fake Identity

    In previous times, there were no technologies that can identify impersonators, which increases the crime rate more than in the contemporary time. That was the time when people made fake copies of the entities and used them for their own purposes and can be seen through naked eyes and was one of the significant reasons for the growth rate of crime. But now the current era is, unfortunately, the worst for the cybercriminals as they can not practice such identity crimes because they fear being arrested by the organizations and can face heavy penalties and fines like this authorities can be secured from fake identities.

    In a Nutshell

    To end the whole conversation it is assumed that this efficient face recognition technology is giving several benefits to all authoritative entities and, the systems are secured from the drastic scam cases. This proficient way of verification can be done in real-time worldwide, which diminishes the cheating cases from the very first step of identification.

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