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Keepsafe Private Cloud - Everything about it.

    What is KeepSafe?

    Keepsafe, the app's private cloud storage, is its most important feature. A PIN, fingerprint, or other security mechanisms may be used to encrypt your photos and videos so that only you have access to them. 

    The Keepsafe image vault has several security concerns to keep in mind while using it to store private photos and videos.

    private cloud storage

    "Private Cloud" refers to Keepsafe's private cloud storage service. A secure location to save your data is provided. Photos and videos you save in Keepsafe Private Cloud storage are accessible only from devices that have Keepsafe installed. Keepsafe promises to encrypt your photos and videos in the Keepsafe Private Cloud. 

    How Can We See Our Private Cloud Storage On KeepSafe?

    Keepsafe Vault, a free vault service for Android and iOS devices, may be used to safeguard your personal information. Use Google Play to download Keepsafe. In the Keepsafe vault, only the vault's owner may access the password to access the vault's private data. The Keepsafe vault requires a security pin and fingerprint to open. In addition to a PIN and fingerprints, Keepsafe's private cloud storage is the safest solution available.

    You better use a PIN or fingerprint to protect your account information and personal data. Go to your media library and choose the option to share a file. You are welcome to choose between a free and a premium subscription with Keepsafe Private Cloud storage based on your requirements and file size. A cloud backup is also an excellent solution if you need to free up internal storage space.

    Up to 200 files may be stored for free in the Keepsafe cloud, while up to 5000 files can be stored in the premium cloud service. Keepsafe Cloud can't back up your data until you enable sync in the settings. Keepsafe Vault and Private Cloud are separately available for Android.

    Ensuring the Security of Your Vaults, The Private Cloud app should be on the phones of everyone. You can safeguard your data in today's data-driven world by setting limits and restrictions. To keep your data safe, Keepsafe Private Cloud uses AES-256, the military's most secure encryption technique, to encrypt it.

    Keepsafe Private Cloud storage also offers more advanced features like photo recovery. This means that even after you delete a photo from your mobile device, it will still be accessible on the Private Cloud. Just as with a regular cloud service, you can transfer pictures across devices using the Private Cloud storage.

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    How to Use Keepsafe's Private Cloud Service?

    The next step is acquiring access to Keepsafe Private Cloud, which you now know exists. Begin the procedure by launching the Keepsafe app on your mobile device or tablet. Both iPhones and Android phones use the same method. As an example, let's pretend we have an iPhone 12.

    Take a look at the photo vault app and choose Menu > Settings from the top of the screen to go to step two of the procedure. Make sure the checkbox next to the Enable Private Cloud option is ticked. Disabling Keepsafe Private Cloud on Keepsafe is as simple as unchecking the box to be accessible.

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    Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Keepsafe Private Cloud Photo Backup

    Enter your password and account ID into the Keepsafe app on a mobile device to get started. To use Private Cloud, go to the Settings menu and turn it on. Open the Settings app and hit Wi-Fi to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Enter your network's password. As soon as your device is connected to the internet, Keepsafe will automatically back up your private photos to Keepsafe Private Cloud.

    When I use Keepsafe's private cloud, how can I move my images to a new phone? If you intend on transferring photographs from your old phone to your new phone, the first step is to download and install the Keepsafe software on both devices. Use the username and password from the previous device to log into Keepsafe. After connecting your smartphone to a network, wait for your photos to be backed up to the cloud.

    Sign in to the Keepsafe app on your new smartphone using the same account. Go to the Settings app and enable the Private Cloud function.

    Finally, choose the photos you want to import from the albums. 

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    How Can I Get My Images Back Using Keepsafe's Private Cloud?

    To go into editing mode:

    ● Press the Keepsafe app again.

    ● Remove it with ease.

    ● Sign out of Keepsafe and reinstall it from the Play Store.

    ● Select Enable Private Cloud from the drop-down option that appears in the Settings menu.

    ● Reopen the app after a short interval. 

    Any lost photos may now be recovered using Keepsafe's private cloud. Use this procedure if you've stored your photographs in a Private Cloud.

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