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Keys to Optimizing Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is one of the original social media platforms that has stood the test of time and it is important that you be active on this app. Twitter is a platform that allows users to share information in 140 characters or less and the app has been around since 2009 and has over 300 million monthly users. You will find almost every celebrity and influential person in the world on Twitter from Kim Kardashian to Barack Obama to Elon Musk. For the beginner, it may seem difficult to grow on Twitter but it is possible. 

Digital Engine Land - Twitter Profile

The best way to grow your Twitter following is by using a growth service. Growth services, such as Twesocial, are designed to give you the lift that you need in order to start building your Twitter following. With this kind of service, you can get up and running with just a few clicks and then watch as more people begin clicking the follow button on your account. 

Although you might not initially realize it, having a good followers base and a great profile is important and is considered your landing page on the app so read on to learn how to optimize your Twitter profile. 

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This is your business card

Your Twitter profile is the first thing that people see before they follow you, it is the image that you project into this virtual world almost like a business card. You want to use your real name (without an underscore), you want to use a real picture of yourself and you want to introduce bits about yourself in your bio. You have to place importance on your profile because this is what attracts people to follow you. It is not enough to attract followers, you want to attract the right followers aka your target audience and an important part of this is creating the right profile. Everything about your profile should be created with your audience in mind so that when they stumble across your profile, they resonate with it. 

Attractive photos

The first thing that people are likely to look at is the photos on your profile. The main photos on your profile are the profile picture and the banner picture. You want to make sure that the profile picture is a high-quality image and that your banner photo attracts attention. Aim to make your profile look good and inviting keeping in the mind the following dimensions: 

● Profile photo: 400x400 pixels

● Banner photo: 1500x500 pixels

Good profile and banner photos are important because humans are visual creatures and they will most likely hit the follow button if their visual senses are pleased when they look at the pictures on your profile. 

SEO heavy bio

Another important aspect of your Twitter profile is your bio. This is where you sell yourself in just a few characters so you need to ensure that you make it interesting and engaging. It is a good idea to use humor, emojis, and for you to add as much information as you can using just a few words. Your twitter bio should include keywords of the niches and communities that you want to target and you want to appeal to as many spheres as possible that are relevant to your expertise and interests. Appealing your niches and communities in your bio attracts those niches and communities for example if you love food and dining, your bio should include something along the lines of “food addict/food lover/ foodie” etc.

Add a link 

There are many people using Twitter, 199 million daily active users to be exact so you should add the link to your store on your profile because if 1% of users click on your link, the traffic on your website will skyrocket which is good for your business or brand. You want to create traffic and raise brand awareness so add a link to assist with this. 

Pin your top tweets 

Lastly, Twitter allows you to pin tweets to your profile which is when you select a tweet that you want people to see and pin it to the top of your profile so that when people click on your profile, they see that particular tweet at the top of your timeline. You want to make sure you pin your best tweet or the tweet that has generated the most engagement. If you are a blogger, you should pin your blog post because this is a good way to attract traffic to your site and if you are a business, you can use your pinned tweet to offer your products or services to users. 

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