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How to Dominate Instagram as a Tech Company

Technology is a major part of our lives influencing it in many different ways of which some, we would have never imagined. With so many more opportunities for tech to be part of our future, we cannot completely imagine what may be in store with rising innovation and investment in technology across the globe. One of the most interesting avenues for tech is using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Of the many options, Instagram stands out as one of the most popular. 

Dominate Instagram as a Tech Company

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and over 200 million businesses using it. Tech companies are some of the businesses taking advantage of the social media platform. It is a worthwhile platform to use because it allows businesses to share their company culture and the experience of working with them that paints a good picture to potential employees and customers and existing customers. Your Instagram account is only as good as your following, which means to get more followers you need to be strategic. By being strategic we mean using an organic Instagram growth service, like Growthsilo, plus applying some social media tactics that will naturally attract them and make your posts more shareable.

In order to take advantage of Instagram, companies need to keep some things in mind. We share these in the article.  

Use a company Instagram account to highlight employees and their work

Employees are the lifeblood of every organisation. None of the activities can work well without employees. Even with automation, someone still needs to press the big red button. One of the ways Instagram can be used to highlight employees is to share stories of some of the great experiences of working at the company such as career progression stories and the training opportunities provided at the company. Companies can also highlight how employees have high regard for health and safety at the workplace. People love to associate with tech companies that add a human side to them, so no doubt this will help you gain more followers who really love your work. Instagram users feel more connected with a company that invests and takes care of its employees and would be more willing to purchase a product or service with that company.

Post behind the scenes photos from your office

Knowing what goes on behind the scenes can be a vulnerable position for a company to be in but can come with great benefits when done the right way. People love to know what happens in the background of producing the tech product they love. Health and safety is a big concern for many customers so showing photos of employees wearing personal protective equipment while in a manufacturing operation or testing tech products presents a positive perception of them. 

Share pictures of new products as they are being developed

It may be difficult to show a brainstorming session of how your company comes up with the products they offer to the market but sharing content based on the manufacturing floor may be a great idea. People are fascinated by manufacturing processes and how employees interact with the product as it is created, assembled, packed, and delivered. Content on creation could include design drawings for a smartphone. Such content shows that your company is transparent and cares for the concerns of customers in creating products that meet quality and functional standards. The more customers are exposed to the development of your product through Instagram, the more trust they can invest in your company. 

Create contests for followers on Instagram

People love to win things without necessarily investing any money. Some of the contests that are popular for attracting followers are those that have prizes such as tech gear or tickets to events. This can be a great way to create engagement around a new product or an existing one. A competition based on sharing photos with the latest smartphone or camera from a specific brand can generate comments, likes, and shares which will create more awareness of the product. The content could include videos of fun moments that showcase the quality of the device which are more likely to create engagement for the product. 

Offer deals

Deals may be best with complementary products for your product. These usually include buy one, get one free deal. This could be buying a smartphone and getting a pair of headsets for free. People love complementary products that help them further enjoy your product therefore this would create engagement around your product. 


Instagram is a great tool for tech companies that use it to highlight employees, show behind the scenes and product development photos, and promote contests. Used well, these can create some headway in attracting customers. 

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