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5 Tech Innovations That Will Change How You Do Business

Technological innovations are one of the many constant changes that affect everyone, including businesses. IT experts are regularly coming up with technological advances to ensure that each of them can deliver the best possible result.

When you're in business, you need to use technology in order to stay competitive. If not, you may not be maximizing the potential of your enterprise. Consider looking into these technological innovations that may help you improve how you do business:

1. Artificial Intelligence

One of the best innovations you can use to make your business operations more efficient is artificial intelligence (AI). With this, a wide range of business processes can be made easy. No longer will you be required to spend days or weeks sorting out data your company needs. Aside from that, you can use AI for the following:

Hiring Process: Instead of manually filtering applicants worthy of an interview, you can use AI to automate the task. This'll help you check the ones who have the right requirements and qualifications in the fastest time possible. What's more, you'll be eliminating any bias that may be present during the recruitment process due to your personnel's view on aspects such as income, age, gender, and race. AI can help you objectively pick individuals who are qualified to join your team.

Administrative Duties: Doing business means dealing with administrative tasks on a daily basis. If you're a startup, you may be both the boss and the all-around staff. After handling your business operations, you're likely to be stuck at your desk completing administrative tasks like comparing data, scheduling, and drafting presentations and reports. Thus, you may have to sacrifice most of your personal time. While working hard is good, working smart is even better. Using AI can lighten your administrative load because it's adept at completing time-consuming yet essential paperwork.

However, you may wonder what AI technology can best address your specific business needs. With the help of innovation consulting services, you can have experts help you assess which AI technology provider or service is most suitable for your enterprise. Since there are so many AI innovations out there, if you choose one on your own, you may end up buying or implementing AI that’s more compatible with another type of business.

2. Blockchain

Another technology that's been popular for years now is blockchain. You may associate this with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency technology, which removes third-party involvement during a transaction. But aside from that, there are many ways blockchain can help your business. Here are some of them:

Accounting: With blockchain's transparency, you decrease your auditors' time in validating and sampling transactions. Instead of spending much of their time on such tedious tasks, they can focus on other essential matters.

Management And Operations: This innovation will help you minimize conflict when exchanging information with your clients, investors, or employees. Some forms of blockchain technology allow you to have a shared, validated, and private ledger to automatically execute business agreements such as smart contracts.

Blockchain will let you build trust with businesses you work with in the industry as the processes involved in it are guaranteed for privacy and validation.

3. Virtual Reality

When training your employees, you can use virtual reality (VR) as a supplemental tool. Since it stimulates the environment through 3D-generated images, your staff members can immerse themselves in it. This will help your employees become more engaged and retain more of the information they acquire from the training.

Another impact of this technology is that it allows your employees to train in a safe environment. Especially if they'll be handling heavy equipment or machinery, VR training can help them understand how to use such equipment. If ever they commit a mistake, they won't get injured or destroy the equipment. In the long run, you can lower the cost of training your employees compared to doing it in actuality.

4. Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) allows business owners to make more informed decisions, boost efficiency, and create new insights. It has to do with telecommunications, data, systems integration, software, and hardware. Here are some ways IoT can help your business:

Marketing Strategizing: With IoT, you can create marketing strategies effectively since you can get and analyze the correct data you require from the internet. You can find out your target customers' preferences and use those to personalize your marketing campaigns, which will ultimately help you increase your leads.

Formation Of New Business Lines: You can customize your products or services based on consumers’ needs and wants. For instance, some members of your target audience may be persons with disabilities. With IoT, you can make your products more user-friendly for them. Of course, you won’t know if these types of customers are purchasing your products or services without the help of IoT as well.

Management And Tracking Of Asset And Inventory: With IoT applications, you can minimize the need for your employees to solve inventory-related issues. You can automate control options to manage your inventory. By using this innovation, you’ll also be able to track assets that may be missing.

5. Security Technologies

Since IoT uses the internet for business transactions, security technologies have also emerged to protect customers' and businesses' privacy. Cybersecurity is more important nowadays because of the threat of cybercriminals. With the numerous security software options available on the market, you can any of them for the following:

Reduce Business Costs: Although security platforms have high upfront costs, they can outweigh the cost of losing your business. For instance, if your data has been breached, including your customers’ critical information, you're likely to spend more on litigation. You may lose your clients as well because they may no longer trust you in keeping their information safe.

Meet Compliance Standards: Security technologies can easily be embedded in your company's existing system. Doing this can help ensure that you're meeting compliance standards for cybersecurity measures in your country. As a result, you can attract more investors and customers because they know that your business values cybersecurity.


If you’re planning to start a business in Turkey, it's vital to stay updated on various technological innovations so you can discover those that would be beneficial to your enterprise. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce company, technology can help you with everything from improving your business operations to efficiently completing paperwork to increasing your customer base.

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