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3 Essential Tips To Make Hybrid Working Work For Your Business

Hybrid work; it is something, that for many employees, has been a great relief and an insight into how restrictive office commutes can be. However, it has also shown employers what can and can’t be done. It might help you improve employee morale and it might save money, but it also makes it more difficult to enforce rules and make sure that your employees are working for the time that they are being paid, regardless of whether the work quality is better or not. 

This is something that is frustrating for many employers, as it can be difficult to keep on top of workers and they can be torn between whether the saved money is really worth it. Although this is mainly down to the individual employer and their trust in their employees, it can be a concern in bigger companies too. 

Mangers aren’t necessarily trained to manage people over teams calls and a company that isn’t prepared or is reluctant to make the space needed for hybrid work isn’t going to be any good at it. However, there are some things that can help you get a little better at dealing with the situation. 

hybrid working for business

#1 You need to invest in and upgrade your security 

It is really important for any company going into hybrid working to invest in its security, especially services such as Security Service Edge (SSE). If you can’t quite get your head around exactly what it is, you need to be aware of where it can help your business. It can help you with the Cloud as well as many other tools that are essential for hybrid working. It can help your business become (and then stay) efficient and reliable, which can have a massive impact on your employee's loyalty and their level of morale.  

#2 You need to invest in MFA 

Investing in MFA, otherwise known as Multi-Factor Authentication, can be a great way to help you protect your business. This means that your employees don’t just have their password protecting their work devices, but that they need to have an additional measure that isn’t knowledge-based like a password. 

This can be a one-time code sent to their phone, a fingerprint, or it can even be facial recognition.  This can help protect your business from data harvested on social media, thieves who steal devices not just to sell the item but the data on them, and any other factors that cannot be monitored when your employees and devices are off-site. 

#3 You are going to need to invest in the Cloud

Investing in the Cloud is important if you are adopting a system of hybrid working. It can help your employees access the same files that they would be able to in the office without needing to be there. This can help workflow and it can be really beneficial to have this extra space to grow and develop, which in turn can lead to better things and more money to invest in perfecting your hybrid working model.

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