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5 Best School Management Software 2024

    Thanks to the recent advent in technology, a huge revolution in traditional teaching and learning have taken place. A physical place with classrooms and conference halls is no longer a priority for students to pursue advanced education. This was made feasible only with the help of School Management Software.

    What is School Management Software and it’s Functions?

    It is a tool designed to manage the day-to-day administrative activities of the school and allows them to digitally monitor and manage all the important resources and information on a single platform. The productivity and data accuracy of schools have increased by automating the repetitive management process like maintaining students' records, financial records and other administrative procedures. It reduces a lot of paperwork and bridges the communication gap between teachers and parents. 

    High School Management Software

    How to Opt for the Best School Management Software?

    You need to consider certain important features while opting for this software. 



    Flexibility and adaptability 

    ● Right and useful features are more important than having many inconsequential ones. 

    Tracking and analysing progress in student’s performance.

    Campus recruitment access to companies.

    Admissions, accounts, lab, transport, attendance, profile, examination, hostel, library, staff and alumni management are essential features.

    Backup and security 

    5 Best Higher School Management Software

    It’s a complex process to choose as the market offers a vast array of management software. We’ll make your work easier! Let’s discuss the best higher school management software available in the market based on the above features.

    ✔️ EdPrime:

    If you are looking for an all-in-one unified digital platform then EdPrime is the right fit for you. It is specifically designed for educational institutes who seek to increase the efficiency of schools and colleges. EdPrime is a cloud-based integrated school management system with an advanced ERP and LMS platform. It is an Education Management Software that takes away the need for multiple systems and solutions by integrating them in a common platform. EdPrime offers a free trial version. It provides an end to end holistic software management that caters all the essential functions for a school to perform its day to day activities. It has the flexibility to automate the process of any institute and supports integration with other applications too. It truly enhances the efficiency of staff and students. 

    Key Features:

    Admissions, Students, Staffs, Attendance, Assignment, Fee, Academic, Examination and Communication management.

    ● Covid19 management.

    LMS and Virtual classroom.

    Expense management.

    Shop management.

    Transport management.

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    ✔️ Campus 365:

    Campus365 is cloud-based multipurpose school management software built to automate the daily operations of school from primary to higher education. It’s incredibly easy to use and has a free trial version. It helps in providing 360-degree visibility and administration of your institution. 

    Key Features:


    Manages attendance, transportation, events, timetable, examination, hostel, library and many more.

    HR module manages the payroll of employees

    Finance module manages fee structures of students

    Internal messaging system integrated with email and texting.

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    ✔️ Digital School Campus:

    Digital School is a Web based school management system that oversees the daily operations and management of educational institutes from primary to higher education. It is customisable software with integrated modules.

    Key Features:

    Admission, Student, Attendance, Fee, Library, exam, hostel, bus, cafeteria, payroll and accounts management

    Lesson planning and scheduling

    Front office and Alumni management

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    ✔️ Chanakya ERP:

    Chanakya ERP is web-based multifunctional school management software specifically designed for schools and colleges. It is simple, reliable and user-friendly software which is designed to cater the varying needs of the school right from educational administrative process including admissions, finance management, student and staff management, etc.

    Key Features:

    ●Software Management for Attendance, Examinations, Admissions, Transport, Student Information, Library, Hostel, etc.

    Human resource management

    Finance management

    SMS portal and many other key features available.

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    ✔️ CLOBAS:

    CLOBAS is an integrated cloud- based innovative school management software that contains all the essential functionalities needed to manage schools and higher education. It is user-friendly software with a free trial version. It has more than 60 features that serve educational institutes digital needs.

    Key Features:

    LMS and virtual classroom.

    ●Prime functionalities including Administrative, Academic, Communication and Learning management.

    Webinar and many other essential features are available.

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    Other School Management Software

    We have listed the best software based on analysis and research but there are several other useful management software all over the web that you can choose according to your needs.

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