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Top 10 Sources and Online Courses to Learn SEO for Beginners

So, you’ve decided to study SEO yourself! And you’re right – it is hard to imagine today’s modern business without using search engine optimization (SEO). Improving knowledge on terms and concepts of SEO might be complicated for people who take their first steps in this field and used to study in regular universities in South America or any other parts of the world. If you want to be an independent startup manager or professional SEO specialist in a prestigious company, this guide on the top ten online sources will be more than beneficial for you! 

Online Courses to Learn SEO for Beginners

1. Google Starter PDF

If you have a website or situation to practice SEO actively, read the Google PDF Starter Guide to consider the main points. This gives you a beginner’s basis from Google’s viewpoint and reveals the main definitions. Starting with Google Starter Guide is a short introduction to the world of SEO for a person with zero skills. 

2. Google Guidelines

The General Guidelines for webmasters give you a fundamental understanding of a “no-index” tag, the required parameters, and how it affects your URL. Guidelines don’t tell you the secrets for Google’s algorithms, but they explain all terms that seem a little daunting for SEO beginners. Anyway, who’s going to explain SEO to you better than Google? Right, only Google itself!

3.  Moz – The Beginner’s Guide

The first thing you should do on your first steps to learning SEO is reading The Beginner’s Guide on Moz. When studying from different sources simultaneously, be ready to face some bias. Even if the bias is unintentional, there is going to be a little bit of an interpretation of terms and concepts. Moz’s explanation of how SEO works is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. By transcribing the last term to Mozlow’s hierarchy of SEO needs, you can clearly understand how SEO processes go.  

4. Google Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines

If you feel ready to dive into more advanced material, we recommend reading Google Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines. It’s a document directly from Google that reveals comprehensive information on its value, supplementary content, and page design. To gain a good reputation online and not be rejected by Google, it is better to get acquainted with Google’s Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines or get important takeaways from it.

5. SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Simplilearn is a YouTube channel that provides the ultimate guide to SEO. This full free course helps newbies discover Google Analytics Report, traffic importance, and various ways of engaging the audience. Get the step-by-step tutorial on how to put your website on the top ten pages of Google Search results. Rob and Matt cover the most critical concepts of keyword research, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and SEO tools for ranking the №1 page on YouTube and Google at this video course. Find answers to most common questions, such as “What’s in SEO for my brand?” and “Why do I need to rank my website in an organic search?”

6. Top 20 SEO and Marketing Podcasts

With these SEO podcasts at UpCity, you will learn how to promote your content correctly. Turn them on when you’re driving or listen to them even when you’re occupied with your domestic routine. Remember, on the first steps of learning SEO, it is essential to dive into the topic. Even if you are not engaged in high mental activity, your brain detects important things and automatically puts them into your memory box. These podcasts will help you find out that there are no Internet marketing secrets.

7. Nuzzel 

If you’re trying to build your foundation in SEO, it is crucial to stay updated about essential news. Using Nuzzel, you will get notifications and reviews on exciting trends in SEO from top influencers all around the world. Check it at least once a day. You’ll find more tips on successful marketing and news on various industries such as science, IT, renewable energy, and economics. Some people say that they open Nuzzel even before Twitter on their phones. Therefore, if you want to stay informed, it is great proof to get Nuzzel right now.

8. SEO by the Sea

This website is a great opportunity for newcomers to learn SEO. Here, you can get extra resources to use in semantic marketing, useful SEO audit services, link building strategies, and even a reliable consultant who will help you adjust to your SEO needs. It is definitely crucial to have at least one teacher at the start of your SEO career to walk you through all the tools. It saves you hours of wasted time going down the wrong paths. Having SEO by the Sea at hand will help you to advance in web ranking by answering questions.

9. Beginner Local SEO: The Foundations of What Google Wants

Still don’t know how to increase your sales? This free Udemy course will give you a hand explaining what Google wants to rank your brand in top local search results. The course contents are eight lectures of up to two minutes in length, which help you understand SEO technologies and customize them to your individual business needs. Stay equipped with how local SEO works, and apply it to your brand. 

10. Search Engine Journal 

Search Engine Journal, or SEJ, is the top website among online sources that have not only news and guides but provide practical tools to implement a high website rank on Google Search. Learn steps for link building, technical SEO, and even PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. We know many new abbreviations are going to be introduced while you are learning SEO from scratch. Still, the improved results of your developed website are worth all studying pains. 

Summing Up

After reading our recommendations on educational sources, you can choose a crash course in building an SEO foundation that suits you best. While studying, there’s a lot of information to study and learn; therefore, try to dedicate three to four weeks to develop new skills in this field. In any case, stay up and learn SEO with fun!

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  1. Yeah, quite right you are. Today grabbing online business success is really hard without implementing some effective techniques like seo work and you can't imagine how helpful touch you delivered here for your readers and fans! This was incredibly useful to me. The sources and courses you instructed including google stater pdf, webmaster, moz tool, seo and marketing podcast, local seo- all the online sources are beneficial. With those I would like to add ahref seo tool and google page speed insight. these are helpful too. Anyway, I was more interested to learn about local seo and citation. Would you please deliver a new post focusing on local citations guidelines?