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FamiSafe Mobile Location Tracker | Features, Pricing & Instalation

FamiSafe location tracking Parental control app Is the most dressed printing app by the new generation parents. Every parent is triggered by anxiety when they do not know where the children are and this may cause the problem of paranoia in most of the parents. Parents cannot be with their kids all the time to protect them from the threads present in the world. 

WonderShare FamiSafe

The children are especially in the danger with the online world. However, due to the enhancement in technology, our kids are protected online by using parental control software and FamiSafe parental control app is one of the best options for considering this type of situation.

Outstanding features of FamiSafe parental control app

• This app provides the Best features like location history timeline, location history checking, and setting up the geofencing for the children.

• It is one of the best things of FamiSafe location tracking that it works in the Devices like Android, iOS, tablets, and even in laptops.

• This will help in tracking your real-time location of your kid. Like most of the powerful parental control app software, this app also provides you the option to track the location of your kid and its live location so you do not now have to call or text your kids many times to get updated about their location. You just have to look up a quick equip about the exact location of the child at a specific time.


WonderShare FamiSafe Location Tracking App

• You may easily see the historical location of your child. Since children are curious about getting with other kids and even not telling their parents about their location. The location tracker control app feature helps you to keep a history of the places that have been visited by your child. You can even get a better understanding of your child's behaviour and interest by checking the timeline of your child.

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Setting up the Geo fences by parents

The parents can easily create a safe space for their child. The safe spaces may contain the places your child arrives or leaves very often. These places are called Geo fences which act as the boundary for your children. If your child arrives in the geofence or leaves the geofence you immediately receive a notification sent to you by the application software to make you sure about the daily routine of your child.

This makes the parents sure that their kids will not be going out of the daily routine which your parents have assigned them to follow. The parents will be able to alter the zones set by them. Once your child potentially enters the unsafe zone that you have not allowed them to you will get an instant alert message on your device.

Installing the application of location tracker app

Installing the app - FamiSafe

• The first step involves the downloading of the app using Google Play Store, Apple play store, and Amazon. The downloading of this application Directly straightforward. 

• Once you have installed the application on your device now you have to complete all the parental advisory applications which are offered to you by the screen of the app. 

• Now you have to set up the details like whether you are the mother, father, or the child.

• Now you have to install the app into the device of your child and then put the age and name of your child.

• Now you have easy access to the features of the application.

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FamiSafe parental control app free trial and its pricing. 

Location tracking app offers you a very small Famisafe free trial that gives you access to most of the features of the application. In the free trial, you can set up an admin and monitorable account. The free trial also gives you almost the same access as the paid account. It gives you a free trial of about 3 days. once the free trial is over then you are likely to subscribe to the FamiSafe Location tracking app.

FamiSafe parental control app

This phone tracker application is known for having an affordable subscription price that suits the demand of every parent. This application provides you a variety of choices to choose from. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual plans which are given to you by the location tracking application. The monthly plan costs about $9.99 per month, the quarterly plan costs about $6.66 per month, and the annual plant course about $ 4.99 per month. The maximum number of devices that could be connected to the main device for monitoring others is 30.

It can be download from GOOGLE PLAY STORE


This app Famisafe location tracking is launched by WonderShare and has now become the most reliable parental control apps by parents. This appropriate app provides every information from real-time location sharing and online history checking of the kids. This app provides you with complete control over the device of your child. The app has much-inbuilt software that helps the parents to run the application in the background of every app.

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