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4 Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Business on Instagram

Whether you are starting an eCommerce store or running an established one, make the most of Instagram marketing and achieve success where you are. Thinking how? Let’s learn!

Boost Your Ecommerce Business on Instagram

Every day, around 300 million users log onto Instagram and are active Instagram followers. And this is what puts the social network platform at the forefront of social media marketing.

According to a report, near about 68% of Instagram followers engage with brands regularly, compared with 32% of users on Facebook or other social networks.

The best part is, the use of Instagram is not limited to large brands. Smaller eCommerce merchants can also leverage its benefits.

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But are you thinking that with so many businesses, already on Instagram, what you can do to boost your business? Well, you can follow the below tips. 

Yes, with the use of some great tips, you can use Instagram to showcase your products, encourage people to purchase, and boost your sales.

Social Media Marketing

Here are some of the ideas or tips for using Instagram to promote products and drive sales. Take a look!

1. Create a compelling profile

Your profile is like your first impression. And as we always heard, a first impression is the last impression. So, follow these rules and suggestions when creating your profile:

● Make sure that your business name and @Username (or handle) be similar to each other, and they are easily searchable too.

● Add an ‘on-brand’ profile picture – usually, you can add your logo but if you can add an appealing image relevant to your brand.

●Tell Instagram users clearly who you are and what you do with the 150 characters you have in your bio (the top of your profile).

● Also inspire action by using this space, for instance:

a. Include your one clickable link here. You can ideally use the link to your website and, more specifically, to a landing page that changes regularly. It must take customers to where they can buy your products (more on this later) For shopping purposes.

b. You can also add your brand hashtag (e.g. #Instagram), so users can quickly find your content. As a rule, use the same # on other platforms too.

c. Include a hashtag user should use to get featured (e.g. Tag photos with #OnlineWithInstagram to get featured), especially if you’re going to make use of user-generated content. Keep in mind that if your customer uses this specific #, then you know they have permitted you to re-use their content.

2. Maintain brand consistency

To get your brand known, a major part of your Instagram strategy should be, liked, and trusted. That means your viewers must immediately be able to recognize your brand and know what to expect from you in the crowd of so many brands.

● Make sure your brand look and feel run consistently through your website, Instagram page, and any other channels you use.

● Aim to create a personal connection to your viewers or users with stories and images they can relate to, and that grab their attention.

● To attract followers and optimize engagement, plan to post at least once a day.

● You can even pre-plan your content, so it goes well from day to day and helps you to meet your objective. 

● You can also schedule regular time slots to create your posts and to respond to your followers, creating the sense of a conversation (or dedicate a person to do it).

For better strategy, you can also hire an SMM expert or an experienced SMM agency.

3.  Keep things interesting

In your product catalogue, you can surely place simple product photos on a plain background. But try to display your products in surprising and creative ways, when it comes to Instagram.

Also, by creating content categories and cycling through them mix things up in your Instagram feed. 

Categories can also include:

Engaging or professional photos of your products;

Candid photos of your products in use;

Photos of the people using your products;

You can even post  photos of your staff packing them;

Images from the production or manufacturing process; and

Any related memes or other interesting content, funny, engaging content.

4. Enhance engagement with user-generated content

If you start sharing content from your customers (surely with permission), it will be very effective as it offers social proof and creates massive engagement.

For that, you can:

● Ask your users or viewers to tag photos with a particular hashtag, especially if they are happy for the photos to appear on your Instagram page.

● Give them a shout-out or a voucher, or reward them by following them in turn.

● Make sure to tag the original poster of the image when you share it.

● Select the top quality, most captivating images, and share them, offering the creator due credit.

Hire an Agency Instead…

No wonder you can manage your Insta handle. But can you do it without disturbing your core business? Of course, you need a dedicated agency like Social Studio to handle all that too with expertise. So, better make a wise decision of hiring an agency and achieve the goal which you wished while starting Instagram marketing. Good luck!

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