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How To Post On Instagram From A Computer?

With more than 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, Instagram has become a must for any company that wants to deploy a social marketing strategy. Problem: Tailored to publish on cell phones, the platform multiplies the obstacles when it comes to publishing images and videos from a computer. However, companies can hardly do without an account on the famous social network.

Post on  Instagram From Computer

Windows 10 users on a computer with a touch screen can publish to Instagram using the Windows Store application, otherwise, follow the steps below to publish from a PC.

1. Launch Google Chrome

2. Go to Option (icon consisting of three small dots, top right)

3. Click on More tools / Developer tools

4. In the right window click on the second icon which represents a mobile

5. Click on the " + "

6. Find the visual to publish

7. Optionally apply filters 

8. Click on next

9. Caption the photo, add a place, identify people

10. Click on share

Way to Publish on Instagram from PC

Several solutions exist to circumvent this usage limit, to publish on Instagram from a desktop or laptop. The first of these solutions consists in using the functionalities of the Internet browser to "imitate" a mobile terminal, through the development tools.

1. Publish on Instagram with Chrome

On a Windows, once connected to Instagram, you must access the options (the icon made up of three small dots, at the very top right), then click on More Tools > Developer Tools.

On the Mac, click View > Developer Tools > Development Tools. Then just click on the Toggle Device Toolbar button to simulate a mobile device, and choose a phone model from the Responsive menu (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.). The button to publish appears (it may be necessary to refresh the page).

Finally, select an image (exclusively in .jpeg format) and use the features offered by Instagram: apply a filter, rotate the image, insert a caption, add hashtags, identify a place or people.

2. Publish on Instagram with Safari

With Safari, you have to click on Development > User Agent > iPhone. The button to publish is displayed and procedure is the same as iPhone.

This method of publishing on Instagram from a computer is nevertheless limited: only photo publications are allowed, and only in real time, without the possibility of pre-programming.

Publish on Insta Via PC

3. Publish to Instagram via a dedicated tool

The other solution is to use a dedicated tool to publish to Instagram. There are two types of tools:

  • With the help of Instagram's partner social network manager. This type of tool offers a great freedom of action and allows to pilot the whole marketing strategy on the various social media. Simply select the Instagram profile in the dashboard and publish photos or videos. Agorapulse, Hootsuite, Buffer, Iconosquare, are some examples of this solutions.

  • Different solutions help to bypass the limit imposed by the network and publish to Instagram from a computer, for greater ease of use, for better organization, and therefore for a more effective strategy.

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Author Bio:
Name: Samuel Karki
I am very fond of SEO and I love to  play with algorithms. I had been doing SEO for more than 4 years and successfully managed to rank over 30+ clients sites.
Now, I am running my own Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal.

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