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Putting your brand on the map for European markets

    Nearly 750 million people live in Europe, spread across 50 countries.

    While there are many languages, dialects and cultural differences, one thing remains steady - B2B markets across the European Union are always open to growth and partnering.

    When you take your business to Europe, there are a lot of advantages, but there are also some challenges. 

    Adapting your marketing to these differences, as well as finding the right European target market for your business, is key to success.


    Your advertising needs to be translated in more than just words

    Decide on what goods or services you would like to sell before you start doing business overseas. Your product or service's image is the next thing to consider.

    Do you know the features and characteristics that are most highly regarded in the country where you plan to do business? Is there anything that must be avoided?

    Europe is not a single entity. Marketing to multiple countries with the same content is unlikely to be successful, and could be actively harmful to your brand.

    For example, German anti-corruption laws restrict promotions, like Buy One Get One Free, which are often used to appeal to customers in the UK.

    Therefore It's important to know how your messaging will be received in different countries or regions. 

    There are several reasons and cultural differences that will make your message perform differently with a B2B email list in the United Kingdom than it would with a Germany B2B email list, or Italy B2B email list.

    Depending on the industry, UK-made goods may command a higher premium. Businesses selling new medical technology may rely on the UK's reputation as a world leader in medical research to promote their products.

    Alternatively, if you are focusing on offering a local service, you may wish to avoid your roots in the UK and focus on the benefits of the service itself.

    Determine your target market

    It is crucial to understand who your customers are within your TAM.

    TAM stands for total addressable market. For B2B markets, this usually refers to anyone with purchasing authority. However, it is unlikely that a marketing campaign targeting this whole group would be very successful.

    By conducting market research, you can determine those who are likely to buy your product or service. Bear in mind that this may vary from country to country within Europe.

    After you've determined where you fit among the numerous industries in each country, you can figure out who you're going to target. 

    Secondary and tertiary markets can also generate valuable sales, so don't ignore them.

    Primary audience

    Every time you make a marketing decision, your primary audience should be your first focus. 

    A company selling marketing software, for example, would have a lot of appeal to marketing managers.

    Nevertheless, you'll also have to decide who will have the most purchasing power. Having marketing managers on your mailing list is great, but if they don't make the spending decisions, they won't have any impact on your bottom line.

    In this case, your primary target audience may be business owners or Heads of Purchasing instead.

    Secondary audience

    It is still important to consider your secondary target audience, even if it is not your primary concern. Your marketing message is indirectly received by this group, but they still influence decision-makers.

    For example, in general, parents are considered a secondary target audience when marketing a product to children. It is the child whose attention marketers must attract, but the parent will be the one who makes the final decision on whether to buy.

    It's a great example of why you should consider all the European professionals you reach with your messaging = and their purchasing power.

    Tertiary (hidden) audience

    People who don't fall into either the primary or secondary audiences but share a common interest with either belong to this group.

    You need to understand your target market in order to ensure that your marketing efforts reach every segment and appeal to even the smallest segment.

    Finding your European market

    To build lists of companies in Europe, a marketer can use online resources to conduct more focused searches. These are a few of the usual resources:

    Online news sites

    Keeping up with business news in other countries can help you to identify new companies entering the market, businesses that are growing and those that are entering new markets. 

    This may be time consuming and difficult (given the language barrier in some countries) but offers a valuable form of intelligence about the markets you are reaching.

    Social media 

    Receive first-hand information about businesses you are interested in connecting with through social media. 

    This not only offers a rich source of contact information, but also provides insight into how the company conducts itself with its own customers. This information can be invaluable for direct marketing.


    The official registers of every country provide personal data and basic information about companies, such as their names and addresses, some contact details and even financial statements. 

    Public access is available to most of the official registers' online databases, such as the European Business Register. 

    More Than Words' European email list

    Companies looking to sell directly to other businesses in Europe and beyond can benefit from More Than Words Marketing's European B2B email list.

    More Than Words' B2B international email list allows our clients to reach more than 6,539,756 key decision makers worldwide via B2B email marketing.

    Let us know what is most important to you from an industry list of European countries.

    We can help you find relevant customer data within your industry or niche, in the countries or regions of your choice - who are most likely to need your products or services.

    To find out more you can reach our email marketing agency team on 0330 010 8300 or visit

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