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How to Reach 500 Connections on LinkedIn in Rocket Speed


    Reaching 500 connections on LinkedIn is an important milestone for networking and building connections. Having 500+ connections shows you are serious about using LinkedIn and gives you access to hundreds of thousands of people.

    LinkedIn Connections

    But it’s quality over quantity when growing your network. The key is connecting with relevant people in your industry and target market. With strategic and consistent effort over time, you can blast past 500 connections on LinkedIn faster than you may think.

    Why 500+ Connections Matter

    When you reach 500 connections on LinkedIn, it displays “500+” on your profile instead of the exact number. This benchmark shows you’re using LinkedIn actively and have built a large network. But the main benefit is access to the connections of your connections, which can easily number over 250,000 people.

    Having lots of relevant connections also helps you rank higher in LinkedIn search results. LinkedIn’s algorithm gives weight to how closely you’re connected to the person searching. The more 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections you have in common, the higher you’ll appear in their results.

    Focus on Relevant Connections

    Connections only help if they’re relevant to your industry and target market. When deciding who to connect with, quality matters far more than quantity.

    Look for people in your profession and niche, who work for companies you want as clients, went to your school, etc. Avoid mass invites to irrelevant contacts.

    Building a relevant network takes patience. With LinkedIn’s 100 invites per week cap, reaching 500 connections on LinkedIn can take months starting from scratch. But using the right strategies, you can send less but higher quality invites and get there faster.

    10 Tactics to Get 500+ Connections Quickly

    Here are the top 10 ways to blast past 500 connections on LinkedIn as quickly as possible:

    → 1. Follow Up on In-Person Networking

    Attending conferences, trade shows, networking events, and other in-person activities is a great way to make connections. Be sure to send LinkedIn invites to the new people you meet right after the event while it's fresh in their minds. Mention where you met them and what you discussed. People are very likely to accept invites from someone they've met in person.

    → 2. Get Fast Quality Connections

    If you want to accelerate your LinkedIn growth, get high-quality LinkedIn connections from a reputable provider like SocialPlug. Their connections are high-quality with complete profiles, activity history, and low drop-off rates.

    While organic networking has value, buying from SocialPlug rapidly kick-starts your LinkedIn presence. Their satisfied customers, top ratings, and money-back guarantee give you confidence in the services.

    When ready to elevate your LinkedIn profile, trust the connection experts at SocialPlug to get you the right relationships and visibility. Their strategic approach means your purchased connections will be active and engaged over the long-term.

    → 3. Connect with Clients Past and Present

    Current and past clients, assuming you parted on good terms, are always worth connecting with on LinkedIn. Mention great work you did together and how you’d enjoy staying in touch.

    You gain access to their extensive networks, and get notified about their job changes and promotions so you can stay top of mind.

    → 4. Personalise Every Connection Invite

    Personalised messages get up to 5x higher acceptance rates versus generic invites.

    Take the time to customise each request, mentioning what you have in common - whether it's industry, employer, school, interests, or a mutual connection. A simple "It's great to connect with a fellow freelance content writer!" can be very effective.

    → 5. Connect with "People You May Know"

    LinkedIn suggests connections for you based on shared networks, locales, employers, schools, interests, and more.

    But don’t just click connect! Always customise the invite mentioning why it would be great to connect. Review their profiles first to ensure they are relevant prospects.

    → 6. Leverage Professional Association Directories

    Most professional associations have member directories on their websites you can browse to find potential connections.

    Look for those in your specific profession or industry. Mention your shared association membership in your invite and they are very likely to accept.

    → 7. Invite Profile Viewers

    LinkedIn lets you see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

    These people expressed an interest in you, so try sending them a connection request mentioning you noticed they viewed your profile and include what you have in common.

    → 8. Review Connections of Close Connections

    Browse the connections of LinkedIn contacts you have an existing close relationship with.

    Their 1st degree connections are likely to include many relevant 2nd degree prospects for you based on shared employers, industries, interests, and associations.

    → 9. Promote Your Profile

    Add a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature, website, business cards, social media bios, and anywhere else you promote your business.

    This raises your visibility and prompts more people to view your profile and connect.

    → 10. Be Active

    Commenting on LinkedIn posts and publishing your own updates boosts visibility so more potential connections see you.

    Look for relevant people to engage with and invite them to connect if appropriate after building a rapport.

    Craft a Standout Profile

    Having an impactful, client-focused profile is critical to ranking in LinkedIn search and attracting your ideal clients once they click through.

    LinkedIn profiles should be:

    ● Complete with photo, education, experience, etc.

    ● Keyword-optimised, especially in the customizable headline and summary.

    ● Focused on showcasing your services and how you help clients in your industry and niche.

    Spend time perfecting your headline and summary. Research keywords clients search for services like yours. Client-oriented messaging should be front and centre.

    Understand LinkedIn's 3 Connection Levels

    As you grow your network, it helps to understand LinkedIn's different connection levels:

    ● 1st Degree: Your direct connections. You can view profiles, messages, and see some updates.

    ● 2nd Degree: Your 1st degree connections' connections. Accessible but more limited without a direct connection.

    ● 3rd Degree: Connections of your 2nd degree connections. Usually the most limited access.

    Focus first on cultivating 1st degree connections with relevant contacts. This provides the most access and visibility for your brand on LinkedIn.

    Reach 500+ Connections on LinkedIn in Record Time

    Building a large, high-quality LinkedIn network takes effort. But by focusing on relevant connections, personalising invites, fully optimising your profile, and actively engaging on the platform, 500+ connections on LinkedIn could be within your reach sooner than you think.

    Reaching 500+ connections on LinkedIn is an important goal that takes time and strategic effort. But by focusing on quality over quantity, personalising connection requests, optimising your profile, engaging actively on the platform, and employing the tactics covered here, you can expand your LinkedIn network faster than you think. 

    With a robust network of relevant contacts, you gain increased visibility, credibility, and access to new opportunities and connections. Make growing your LinkedIn network a priority, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get to 500 and beyond.

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