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Advantages and Disadvantages of Pursuing MBA in 2024


    In today's competitive job market, if an individual wants to stand out, they often consider pursuing an MBA. It's one of the most sought-after courses for professional growth and career advancement. However, this higher education has some disadvantages. 

    In this blog, we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the MBA. So, if you're considering pursuing the course, you know the benefits as well as risks associated with it. 

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    Advantages of MBA in 2024  

    #1. High-in demand

    With growth in the world of startups, businesses, and enterprises, the demand for professionals with managerial skills is also increasing. An MBA degree can allow you to apply for organisational goals in the organisation/company. 

    #2. Multiple Job opportunities

    MBA can allow you to explore career opportunities like human resources manager, event manager, marketing manager, business analytics, financial advisor and more. You can get job opportunities in your field of interest with an MBA. 

    #3. Skill Enhancement 

    An MBA in marketing management allows you to enhance your leadership, time management, communication, and more skills. While pursuing the course, you go through various assessments, course studies, and training that help you enhance these skills. Additionally, leveraging online resources and websites dedicated to business and management education can further complement your learning, providing access to up-to-date industry insights and practical knowledge.

    #4. Networking 

    Individuals from different fields come to pursue an MBA, offering you an opportunity to build networking. Moreover, as an MBA student, you get an offer to attend various workshops to help you build a strong network. 

    #5. High Earning Potential 

    Compared to regular graduates, an MBA holder has a high potential for earning. As they gain a set of skills during an MBA, it helps them to grow financially in the corporate world. Moreover, MBA also offers opportunities to gain a job in global business. 

    #6. Gain Entrepreneurship Skills 

    Multiple professionals pursue an MBA to launch and become entrepreneurs. MBA allows the learners to gain skills in managing a business, estimating risks, collaborating to run a business and scaling it significantly. By pursuing the degree, you can jump into the startup world. 

    #7. Confidence Building 

    With an MBA, you gain or nourish enough skills to become confident about your future. The confidence reflects in your personality, making you a perfect fit for corporate jobs. 

    Disadvantages of MBA in 2024  

    Along with the various advantages of an MBA, higher education also includes some of the disadvantages like: 

    #1. Financial Investment 

    An MBA offers an opportunity to get a high-paying job. But it also asks for higher financial investment as an MBA programme fee is high—the average regular MBA costs aspirants INR 10 Lakh-20 Lakh. However, you can pursue an online/distance MBA to cut out these costs. An online MBA costs between Rs. 60,000 and INR 4 lakhs.

    #2. Lack of real World Experience 

    After completing a bachelor's, students often begin to pursue an MBA. Such aspirants need real-world experience, which sometimes can't let them connect concepts. However, one pursuing an MBA while working can get the opportunity to apply their learning in a real job. 

    #3. Popularity 

    Since the MBA is gaining popularity, several students and professionals are pursuing it. It might start producing more professionals with MBA degrees, which has the potential to decrease the value of the course. 

    #4. Not-a Guaranteed Success 

    It's not only about an MBA; any course you opt for doesn't guarantee success. While pursuing an MBA, you need to acquire and polish the skills. It helps you get a good job and handle recognisable responsibilities. 

    Is MBA good for the future?

    Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of the MBA, you must be thinking about whether you should pursue it or not or if it is suitable for your future. 

    Before opting for an MBA, you must consider different factors, such as your budget, career goals, time, and interests. 

    Factors to Consider Before an MBA

    #1. Time

    MBA is a 2-year programme you pursue after graduation. Consider if you want to give an extra two years after graduation without earning money. However, you can go for a part-time, executive or online MBA programme to balance your studies with a job. 

    #2. Interest 

    First, consider what interests you. MBA offers specialisation in different fields. You can select colleges and courses for your MBA as per your interest. 

    #3. Budget 

    To pursue an MBA, you need to invest a certain amount of money, which can be high for many families in India. Hence, it's essential to consider the budget. 

    #4. Goal 

    An MBA is an investment of time and money. What is your future goal, or what's your post-MBA plan? It must be clear. It'll help you build and plan your future efficiently. 

    Wrap Up

    In conclusion, an MBA can be a beneficial course for you. However, you must focus on acquiring skills and experience to leverage the programme's benefits. 

    In addition, if you want to eliminate its disadvantages. In that case, you can consider doing any real-world job, gaining experience, and then pursuing a master's programme in management and business. 

    There is also an option of Online or executive MBAs that offer an opportunity to pursue your MBA degree with your job at a reasonable cost. You can seek the required skills to advance your career.  

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