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Exploring the Possibilities of Advanced Online Education

Until recently, the prevailing wisdom in the world of education suggested that there can be no substitute for offline, in-person learning. That wisdom holds that teachers can be more engaging in person, and students can ask questions with the simple raise of a hand in the classroom environment. But advancements in online education platforms are beginning to call into question this wisdom, highlighting innovative new ways in which tutors can connect with students. Here’s a quick exploration of what’s exciting about the changing world of online education in 2022

Advanced Online Education


Like never before, the internet enables collaboration. We see this in the workplace, with online, cloud-based documents edited in real-time by a number of different people. And we see the same pattern emerging in online classrooms, where break-out groups can use different forms of media and communication technologies to explore a topic or question before presenting back to their class. This kind of collaboration is difficult to see working so smoothly in the offline space, where most pupils are restricted to pen and paper. 

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Riding roughly alongside collaboration is communication, which some educators believe is best in person. But that would be to ignore the brilliance of the best online learning platforms, which allow students to publicly or privately call for their teacher’s attention. The teacher can then devote some minutes to struggling pupils that they might not be able to do in the classroom environment. So online education both levels the playing field and gives students more one-to-one time with their teachers. 

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Education is rapidly leaving behind its fusty reputation. Already, classrooms often feature smart boards that are like giant tablets for teachers and students to use. And the online classroom is no different, hosting a number of exciting tools and features that can help the learning process for students. Look to, for instance, to see how these tools work in action. They’re all designed to make learning more engaging – more of an experience for students than a mere conveyor belt upon which young people are pushed. 

Anytime Learning

Only a handful of years ago, students would have to be equipped with a USB drive if they were ever working on something on a school computer. Now virtually all educational resources and documents are available on the cloud, which means that students can access them anytime and in any place. Students tend to enjoy the feeling of autonomy and independence this grants them – and it means that they can continue working on projects from home at whichever time they may choose. 

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Perhaps the single most exciting part of the developing world of online education is the materials produced for teachers and by teachers. Videos and animations are becoming more mainstream, and multimedia presentations are replacing tired old slideshows. The digital media environment is bursting with engaging content in 2022, and that’s only set to grow dramatically in the years to come – creating content that inspires students as they learn. 

All of these developments are well worth getting excited over, as they have the power to fundamentally change – and improve – how we learn. 

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