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Safal Bharath 799 Marketing OPC Pvt Ltd - What is it?


    Safal Bharath is a multi-level marketing platform that allows people to earn money using this portal. The company got a warm welcome in the market at the time of launching. It offers various income plans for users to earn money. All you need is to register in this portal and choose the right plan for you. By activating a unique ID in Safal Bharath 799 and start earning money.

    Safal Bharath 799

    Safal Bharath 799 Registration:

    • To join Safal Bharat 799, first of all, you have to visit and click on sign up

    • Sign up by filling in your information, like your name, mobile number, and email ID.

    • An OTP verification will be done to get started with your Safal Bharath 799 account.

    • The portal will ask you to create a username and password for your account.

    • Then you will be directed to your Safal Bharath 799 account dashboard.

    • To activate your account, you have to pay Rs.799, and all the income plans will be activated for you.

    Safal Bharath799 income plans:

    Safal Bharath 799 provides various income plans that allow users to earn money. The plans are listed below:

    1. Self-income- using this, you can earn up to 30 rupees daily by watching 5 to 10 minutes of Ads.

    2. Return package income – after you join and activate your Safal Bharath 799 account, you have to add ten people directly under you within three days to earn this income. You will get Rs.799 that you paid for activating your account as income.

    3. Recharge income- when you recharge your mobile using Safal Bharath 799, you will get cashback for every recharge as income.

    4. Reward income- once you have created a big team under you, you will receive reward income based on the number of teams. The income will vary depending on the team size.

    5. Franchise income- when you add so many people under, you will get a free ID so that some of your money is saved indirectly. You can make income with that ID too.

    6. Daily level income- you will get daily income up to five levels of your down-line team.

    What to do if you forget the login credentials of your Safal Bharath 799 account?

    Once you have created a Safal Bharath 799 account, you can reset the username and password whenever needed. If you forgot your username or password, you can recover your account by following simple steps.  

    • Go to the login portal and click on forgot password.

    • You will be redirected to the login recovery page.

    • Then you are asked to enter your username and email address and click on Get the password.

    • An OTP will be sent to your Email

    • Proceed with the OPT, and your account recovery was done. You can reset your password.

    Bottom line:

    And thus, Safal Bharath offers people various income plans and allows them to earn money. Whenever you think about investing in an MLM Company, it is better to search for the details of the company. The blog will help you to understand how to earn income with Safal Bharath 799.

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