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How to Use AI Art Generators: 5 Applications of AI Image Generators in 2023


    Rather than a threat to creativity and artistic expression, AI art generators or art generators powered by Artificial Intelligence are great tools to have in your creative arsenal. Once you learn how to utilize them properly, they can help you transform your creative process, allowing you to be more efficient and even innovative.

    AI Art Generators

    What is an AI art generator?

    An AI art generator is an AI tool that uses machine learning to generate unique artwork and imagery in seconds. It uses text prompts – keywords and descriptors –  to work its proverbial magic.

    Most AI art generators will simply ask you to fill in a text prompt field and click a button to generate an artwork. Some will have built-in art styles and other customization features that you can choose from to help you realize your vision. Others still offer highly specific image presets and different AI algorithms, while some may have separate image generators for NFTs and other digital materials.

    With machine learning, an AI image generator gathers up all the information and data available online to conjure up an artwork that best matches your text prompt. That’s why it’s important to get your text prompt as highly specific and detailed as possible, as this will help your AI art generator get the closest to what you envision.

    What can AI art generators be used for?

    AI art generators have so many uses. First of all, it opens up the creative process to a wider set of people. Even people who think they have no creative talents can play with the tool and stretch their imaginations. Artists can use them for brainstorming ideas. Content creators can maximize them when they can’t find any stock images to match their highly specific vision for their online content.

    5 Possible applications of AI art generators

    AI art generators can conveniently be applied to different workflows and processes that require image creation or curation. Every step of the creative process can benefit from the use of these AI tools. Some can provide general image generation with artworks that can be used for a range of purposes, while others are designed to produce specific image file formats. Here are five different ideas on where you can use this advanced smart tool:

    → One-of-a-kind product artwork

    If you’re an apparel designer or a graphic artist slash entrepreneur, you want to keep on offering different kinds of product artworks to your customers. But keeping your inventory fresh and exciting everytime can take quite a bit of effort. 

    You can use an AI art generator to keep up with the demand of your brand. With such a tool, you can churn out one-of-a-kind artworks for your products in a dash. You may even want to do a market study on new designs featuring your AI artwork before putting them on sale. 

    One such AI art generator tool that creative entrepreneurs can use in producing stunning images is CF Spark Art. This image generator lets users customize an artwork’s image ratio so the AI art produced can be used as soon as it’s generated. When used in tandem with a Spark Subscription, users get commercial license for the AI art they’ve generated. The license allows them to use these images on their own designs and products for sale.

    → Art experimentations and revisions

    As an artist, you may be endlessly creative, but you can run out of steam. That’s perfectly understandable; you’re human, after all. 

    However, you don’t need to get stuck in a rut or creative block. With AI art generators, you can push your creativity one step at a time, by using your words to paint an initial idea for you. AI art generators can help you experiment with different concepts without having to spend too much effort. The artworks generated by an AI tool might inspire you to come up with even more ideas and get you working on your art manually.

    Another way to use AI art generators to aid your creative process is to use it to revise some of your old artworks. Some art generators will allow you to upload old art and give you ideas on how to reimagine them. Likewise, you can describe your old artwork in a text prompt and see how an AI art generator will interpret your old vision.

    → Visualizing concepts for client presentations

    Getting client approvals for marketing content and visuals is hard. Many of them can’t fully visualize the final product from a mere blueprint or sketch, which is often the only type of artwork you can produce if you’re working under a tight timeline.

    With AI art generators, you can create more fully formed concepts or studies in a matter of seconds. You can then use these for quick client presentations.

    → Character concepts for books or visual media

    If you’re pitching a film or creating covers for your web novel or short film, you may have a hard time finding visuals that match the characters you imagined on stock photo websites. AI art generators can help you achieve your imagination. 

    If you have pegs from real life actors and actresses or even classic artworks or characters, you can include them in your text prompt and your AI art generator can produce your character portrait for you just the way you imagined it.

    → Consistently unique content creation

    In the attention economy, content creators are all vying for audience engagement which can be fickle and hard to come by. So to rise above the competition, not only do you need to come up with unique and eye-catching content for social media and other digital platforms. You also have to be consistent.

    However, you may come up blank on some days, especially if you post content on a regular basis. This is where an AI art generator can come in handy. On days when you seem to have used up all your ideas, your AI art generator will help you come up with fresh takes on your regular content.

    Utilize AI art generators to provide more possibilities for your creative process

    Using AI art generators can reinvigorate your creative workflow, helping you reimagine the way you create. Instead of fighting or resisting this innovation, learn how you can incorporate it in your day-to-day routine as an artist or creative and see how it can vastly improve your process in the long run.

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