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Putlockers: Popular Putlockers for Online Streaming

    Everyone will love to watch the movies but due to travel restrictions and lack of time they were unable to do so. Once DVDs has ruled the world and it is efficiently replaced by online streaming sites these days. Nowadays you can download the movies through sites where you can find the movies with good quality print for free. One of such sites is putlockers. Since it is offering piracy content for the free government has blocked this site. However, it is now hosting the contents from a third-party server. This is the reason behind the site shifting its IP address constantly. the official site of Putlockers and at the time of its launch in US, the site is become very popular and has garnered million visitors per day. 


    What are Putlockers?

    As mentioned earlier putlockers is the online streaming site when you can find the latest movies with high-quality print for free. Since the site is illegal the site is unsafe for the users. You need to keep this thing in mind whenever you visit this site. You may face severe consequences if your IP address is tracked by the government. So you need make sure you are safe before visiting their site. 

    Proxy servers for Putlockers:

    Here is the list of proxy servers in which putlockers is operating:

    Putlockers alternatives:

    Since Putlockers is gaining widespread popularity and people tend to visit this site regularly government is keen on banning it. There are many alternative sites for Putlockers where you can download quality movies for free. The only thing you need to do is having enough data to download those movies. Here is the list of Putlockers alternatives:

    → 123movies: is one of the best sites for downloading your desired movies. This site is very user-friendly and well-categorized. Not only movies you can even download lots of video songs famous television shows trailers of upcoming movies as well. This site is completely for entertainment purposes and anyone can use this site without any hassle.

    → Popcorn Flix:

    Popcorn flix is yet another proxy site where you can download your latest movies for free. This site is very compatible and can be used in both android and ios sites. The biggest feature is you don’t need to download and it can be accessed without any signup.

    → FMovies:

    This is one of the best alternatives for Putlockers where the features present are very convenient and easy to navigate. If you want to download movies without any interruption then this site will be the best bet for you.

    How to download putlockers:

    Visit the official site of putlocker then type the name of the movie that you want to download on the search bar and click the search option. Then click on the movie and download by choosing the different variants like print quality. Within few minutes the movie will be downloaded and ready to watch. The best part is you don’t need to spend any amount on downloading.

    Final thoughts:

    Now you can have a clear picture regarding how to download movies from putlocker. 

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