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Here’s why you should still be doing telemarketing in 2023


    Technological advancements in recent years have brought us a flood of data, and this has provided businesses with many marketing channels and options to choose from.

    As a result, traditional channels such as direct mail and telemarketing can sometimes be neglected.

    As a general rule, marketing exists to influence - it is about persuading a prospect that a solution exists to their problem, and you have the answer.


    In B2B telemarketing, businesses interact directly with customers or prospects, on a more personal level. 

    Depending on the organisation's goals, telemarketing can involve generating leads, promoting goods or services, collecting data, or seeking funding.

    While cold calling can save salespeople a great deal of time, when compared to in-person or digital advertising, it offers roughly the same benefits. As a result, marketers can build relationships with prospects more effectively than with digital methods.

    A majority (60%) of Fortune 500 marketing managers consider telemarketing to be an effective strategy for connecting with prospects and closing deals.

    How to make telemarketing work for you

    ✔️ Make a targeted list of prospects

    You'll get rejected much less if you reach out to the right people. Make sure that your prospect list is limited to companies and individuals who can benefit from your services.

    You should look into features such as industry, revenue, employee count, number of locations, and job role/title.

    A data broker like More Than Words Marketing can provide a targeted list based on your campaign objectives,  if you are unable to find the right balance of contacts yourself.

    By cold calling people who do not meet your criteria, you're wasting their time. When you cold call someone who can take advantage of what you're offering, you're helping them to succeed.

    You shouldn't waste your time attempting to reach people who don't need your product.

    ✔️ Interact with prospects on a peer-to-peer basis

    When telemarketers engage with a prospect naturally, they are able to establish trust. Prospects who believe they are being called by a peer are more likely to share meaningful details about their situation.

    Almost everyone has experienced the bad side of telemarketing - monotone voices reading from a repetitive, outdated script. Talking to someone on the phone should sound informal and unforced.

    Organise your telemarketing call like a story, but be prepared to adjust as needed.

    ✔️ Different approaches should be taken with cold, warm, and hot leads

    A lead is considered ‘cold’, ‘warm’, or ‘hot’ based on how much they have become familiar with your company. 

    ● Hot leads - hot leads are those who have shown direct interest in your product or service before, are already a customer, or who have a need and budget for what you are offering.

    ● Warm leads - these leads are more qualified and have previously interacted with your company in one form or another. They could be subscribed to your emails, or have interacted with you on social media. You might still need to find out more about whether or not they need your product/service.

    ● Cold leads - a cold lead is an individual or organisation that is not yet interested in your business at all. It may be necessary for you to educate the prospect about your products and make the case for choosing your company.

    By grouping prospects in this way, you can customise your approach when telemarketing.

    For example, whenever you approach cold leads, you shouldn't pitch your product/service right away. Rather than focusing on your business, focus on building relationships.

    ✔️ A good plan is essential

    When it comes to starting your telemarketing campaign, there is no substitute for planning. While this may seem logical, it is often difficult to put into practice. 

    When you have to present a lot of information, and need to also listen to and respond to concerns and objections, planning and preparation are key. 

    Besides that, you need to speak to the right people from the right companies in the right sectors, as pitching a specific product to a mismatched prospect is unlikely to be successful.

    ✔️ Invest in a telemarketing software platform that you can trust

    Telemarketing software is essential to the success of outbound marketing campaigns.

    In order to implement telemarketing successfully, you should choose a platform that offers your business a wide range of benefits beyond just calling.

    Choose a telemarketing solution that combines CRM, lead management, and marketing automation, but bear in mind that there are plenty of other valuable additions depending on the types of outbound calls you plan to make. 

    You can find a list of the best telemarketing software options here, but for smaller businesses just starting out with telemarketing, many companies choose to outsource their operation.

    Outsourced telemarketing services

    The outbound telemarketing services that More Than Words provides target businesses, schools, and the public sector.

    Our telemarketing team can conduct campaigns with your existing customer and prospect databases, or with decision makers on marketing databases purchased from us or third parties.

    You will be assigned a telemarketer who is already familiar with your products and services, as well as the prospects you are trying to reach. 

    You can monitor the progress of your campaign online, and see the notes made by your telemarketing team in real time. 

    Get in touch with us about your company, your products, your customers, and your business growth goals, and let's discuss how we can help grow your business.

    Just call on 0330 010 8300 to get started.

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