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Best Video Game Adaptations to Film


    Over the years, movie executives have adapted many popular video game titles to create a budding but still struggling movie genre. These adaptations have produced television shows, anime, and movies, some of which have been more successful than others. And while the market is flooded by video game adaptations gone wrong, others prove there is still hope for this genre. Below, we review some of the best video game adaptations to hit the screen in recent years.

    Video Game Adaptations to Film



    The Pokémon franchise seems surrounded by an eternal genius that turns everything the Pokémon maker's touch into gold. Over the years, the designers of this iconic video game have given us exciting spin-off titles, multiple theatrical releases, and the legendary Game Corners. One in particular, the Celadon Game Corner, is home to scores of slot machines that have inspired real-money iterations in the casino games online genre. But perhaps most impressive is the Pokémon Anime, which continues to be the hallmark of entertainment. In production for over 25 years, this show is beloved by children and adults alike and is an excellent example of inspired video game adaptation.


    The Last of Us

    We would be remiss not to mention The Last of Us on this list. After all, how many video game adaptations have been lauded internationally by viewers and critics alike? The Last of Us series started as a post-apocalyptic title that was so popular it won multiple awards and sold millions of copies post-launch. By remaining faithful to the story, The Last of Us show has found as much success as its source material. Ramsey and Pascal bring Ellie and John to life in a remarkable remake of the atmosphere and tone fans of the game have come to love.


    Shenmue: The Animation

    The Shenmue series played a crucial role in bringing the open-world genre to mainstream recognition. The animation continues in this spirit, offering a classic tale of revenge that makes for excellent viewing. Infused with great characters, a strict adherence to the source material, and a very strategic release date, Shenmue: The Animation is, by and large, one of the best anime titles of 2022.


    Resident Evil

    Paul W. S. Anderson's adaptation of Resident Evil shares very few similarities with the Capcom franchise. In fact, if you are a stickler for the source material, you may find the movie disappointing. However, if all you need is a healthy dose of violence, gore, suspense, and tension, you will love this movie series, most especially the 2021 reboot.


    Sonic the Hedgehog

    The first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer was not well received by avid fans of the game. In fact, it was downright controversial. Gamers were dismayed at the liberties the creators had taken with the source material, most especially the titular character. After some tweaking, however, the movie turned out to be more charming and entertaining than anticipated. Jim Carrey delivered an inspired performance, and the colorful landscape was everything gamers wished it would be. More recently, studios greenlit a sequel featuring even more characters from the beloved video game.



    Movie creators seem to have toned down their ambitions on video game adaptations, especially with so many bad titles littering the late 90s. However, recent attempts are proving successful, especially with amazing releases like The Last of Us. This may mean that the genre is finally turning around, and gamers can now finally enjoy seeing their favorite characters come to life on the movie screen.

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