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Pokemon GO: Failed to Detect Location 12, How to Fix Errors?

Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile games based on augmented reality structured by Niantic to meet the need for passionate Smartphone games. It utilizes the device’s GPS and offers a virtual environment where the players can stimulate their character to locate, fight, train, and train virtual creatures. This game mapped the future of the game in virtual reality by offering a real environment for the players. But gamers often face glitches like ‘Pokemon go error: failed to detect location 12’. 

Pokemon GO Error 12

Why ‘Failed to detect location’ occurs:

There will be several reasons behind this error. Error 12 may occur in the game if the mock location is not turned off in your Smartphone. The GPS service might be disabled or you were in a place that lack to receive signal. 

To resolve Pokemon GO Error: Failed to detect location:

Solution 1: Check and ensure location services are enabled

Step 1- Navigate to ‘settings’ and press the ‘Location’ option.

Step 2- Press the ‘Mode’ option and click ‘High accuracy’ to adjust the GPS to the maximum location accuracy mode.

Step 3- Next, try to play Pokemon GO and see whether the GPS problem has been detected or not. 

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Solution 2: Deactivate the mock location in the developer option

This method will work and fix the failure to detect location errors because the new update in android security has patched the mock location option that most Pokemon GO used to steal their location.

Step 1- Navigate to ‘settings’ and scroll till you find the ‘About the camera’ option and press it. You will find this option appear in the system section.

Step 2- Now a list of details related to your device is displayed, click on the’ Build Number’ 7 times and then you will find a toast message which says, ‘You are now a developer.

Step 3 – Developer options are activated on your phone. To verify, Go to the ‘Settings and you will find the ‘Developer options’ have now appeared just above ‘About device’. 

Step 4- Click the ‘Developer option’. You will get the toggle button at the top and a large checkbox list. Press the toggle button to turn on the ‘Developer Option’. Now, a new pop-up message will display that says ‘These settings are intended for development use only. Click on the ’Ok’ option to enable.

Step 5- Select the ‘Allow mock location’ checkbox and it must be found below the debugging section. If enabled. You only need to click it to disable the mock location. Additionally, In your android version, there will be a ‘Select mock location app’ option instead of allowing a mock location checkbox. Be sure it says ‘No mock location app set’. 

Step 6- Now, try to play Pokemon GO and if the problem did not detect the location was resolved or not.

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Solution 3: Reboot your phone by enabling GPS

This method has been proven to be useful for many technical issues; sometimes your Pokemon GO cannot find the location due to GPS or location errors. 

Step 1- Just tap the lock or power button on your device for a couple of seconds. A menu will display from which you should select the ‘Reboot’ or ‘restart’ option. It will reboot the device in a few minutes and eliminate all the faults. 

Step 2- After you restart your device, switch on the GPS and now try o play Pokemon GO and see whether it shows ‘Failed to detect location’ or not.

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Solution 4: Sign-in or Sign out

If it shows the error, try this method. You must try to sign out of the Pokemon GO and then sign in again. This may eliminate the delay in the game and solve the problem. 

Step 1- Open the game and if it opened, just click on the Pokemon icon.

Step 2- Then click on ‘settings in the upper right corner.

Step 3- search for the ‘sign out’ option by scrolling down and tapping on it.

Step 4- When the sign out is completed, log back in with your credentials and see if it shows ‘failed to detect location’ or not.

Solution 5: Reset Pokemon GO data and log in again

If it still shows the error, try this method. Reset the Pokemon Go data. The app might have collected hidden caches. If you use the app more frequently there are high possibilities for Pokemon Go cannot to find the location.

Step 1- Go to the ‘settings’ on your phone and search for the ‘apps’ option. Click on it, you will find the ‘Manage apps’ tap on it to proceed. 

Step 2 – You will see the list of apps, search for Pokemon GO and open it. Now, press ‘clear 

Data’. Confirm the action by selecting ‘Clear cache’ and then ‘clear data’. It will clear the data of the Pokemon GO app. So, you need to log in again on Pokemon GO.

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