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Behind The Doors: The Business Of Buying Instagram Verification


    A verified Instagram account proves your authenticity to users and grows your following. You can apply for verification yourself, but if you’re struggling to get verified, you can hire a professional to assist with the process. Learn about buying Instagram verification.  


    There are over 3 million verified accounts on Instagram already. This large number could be due to the high volume of impersonations and unofficial fan accounts on Instagram. Getting your Instagram account verified protects your reputation, proves your authenticity, increases your visibility and grows your following on the platform.

    If you’re hesitant to apply for verification yourself or struggling to get verified, what’s the next step? You can buy Instagram verification. Information online claims that you can’t buy Instagram verification and services offering this are scams.

    You can buy Instagram verification through a professional verification service. In this article, we’ll discuss Instagram verification, what it actually means to buy Instagram verification, and what you need to consider when buying the blue badge. 

    What Is Instagram Verification?

    Instagram verification is the process of having your Instagram account verified as legitimately belonging to you through an application process on the platform itself to the Instagram team. 

    Verified accounts are identifiable by a tiny blue badge with a white check mark that appears alongside the account holder’s username. 

    The verification badge appears alongside the username on the account holder's profile, in searches, and when the user likes or comments on any content on Instagram.    

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    Verification proves your authenticity to your followers and differentiates your account from fake, impersonated, or unofficial fan accounts. It’s easier for users to identify your account in searches too.

    At least 73.4% of accounts on Instagram that had over one million followers have been verified. Verification leads to you acquiring more Instagram followers and an increase in user engagement such as more Instagram comments, Instagram likes, and Instagram views.

    Who Can Get Verified On Instagram?

    Instagram verification is exclusive with most verified accounts belonging to celebrities, well-known influencers, public figures, and global brands. However, the truth is that anyone can have their account verified on Instagram. 

    You need to meet Instagram’s eligibility criteria when applying for verification in order to be considered for verification. Instagram is highly selective in terms of which accounts they approve to verify.

    The verification eligibility criteria includes:

    ● Strict adherence to Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

    ● Having an authentic public account representing a real brand, person, or registered business.

    ● Your account needs to be unique.

    ● You need to be notable. 

    ● Your account must be complete with a bio, profile picture, and at least one post.  

    Applying For Verification Yourself

    The actual verification application process is simple and doable for yourself. Login to the account you want verified and click on the menu icon in the top right corner of your profile. Then select “Settings” - “Account” -  “Request Verification.” 

    Complete the application form, which is submitted together with a photo of your official identification document and any supporting links to show your notability. Lastly, hit the “Send” button. Instagram will send a response in your notification tab a few days after applying. If your application is rejected, reapply after 30 days.

    Challenges To Get Verified Yourself 

    The verification application process is simple, however, you may struggle to actually have your application approved. Here are a few challenges that users face along the way.

    There are over 2 billion active Instagram accounts which Instagram’s team has to monitor for various reasons. Considering that number, Instagram receives thousands of verification applications a day. Some applications may have a legitimate chance of being verified, while other applications will definitely be rejected. 

    Unfortunately, the large volume of applications gives you no guarantee your application will actually be reviewed properly. You may receive an application rejection without a thorough review by the Instagram team. This is especially the case if your name is not extremely well-known to the Instagram team.  

    Another challenge is meeting the verification eligibility criteria according to Instagram’s standards. Nobody actually knows what Instagram’s standards are. How notable should your account be? What is the exact measure of notability? We can’t answer that, and Instagram keeps its standards a secret.

    Instagram’s notoriously selective approach to verification leaves many lost in the dark. Often users apply more than once and keep getting that awful rejection notification. If you’re disheartened and uncertain as to why you are struggling to get verified, there is a solution to this challenge. Consider buying Instagram verification.

    Buying Instagram Verification

    If you're a popular Instagram user but maybe less notable, struggling to get your Instagram account verified, consider buying Instagram verification. Let’s discuss what this actually means.

    → What Does Buying Verification Mean?

    Buying Instagram verification comes across as paying money to someone at Instagram or a service provider in exchange for automatically getting the blue badge on your Instagram account. This is incorrect. 

    You should definitely be suspicious of any account, business, random individual, or service provider claiming that they can automatically give you the blue badge for cash. It’s a scam, don’t do it!

    Buying Instagram verification refers to hiring a third party professional service provider to assist with the legwork of optimizing your account for verification and submit a comprehensive verification application on your behalf. 

    Professional verification services usually have a network of connections they call on, which help boost your chances of getting verified. This includes a guarantee that your verification application will be reviewed when submitted. 

    Applying for Instagram verification and actually receiving the blue badge is free. On average, pricing for professional Instagram verification services vary between US$1,500 to US$8,000. Although some verification services can be pricey, you are paying for value and assistance.  

    If you’re looking to buy Instagram verification, check out , a trusted Instagram verification partner offering verification services with quality connections to help you create a strong press portfolio. 

    Besides verification services, you can also purchase additional Instagram growth services such as Instagram comments, Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and Instagram views. Quick tip - also check out the free Instagram downloader tool on Skweezer’s site. 

    This Instagram downloader tool allows you to download content from Instagram directly onto your device for use elsewhere or backup.


    →  Factors To Consider To Choose A Verification Service

    A few factors you should consider when choosing an Instagram verification service include:

    ● The service provider’s reputation and trustworthiness.

    ● Their experience in optimizing Instagram accounts and in Instagram verification applications. 

    ● Consider what their full professional Instagram verification service offering includes.

    ● Honesty and initial review assessments are important. They should be upfront with regard to your chance of being successfully verified and if they can assist you.

    ● Have a look at their portfolio. Evaluate factors like their clientele, their service delivery timelines, and verified testimonials by Instagram account holders who have used their services.

    ● Consider their refund policy or policy to provide additional free assistance if they fail with their initial attempt at getting you verified. 

    ● Lastly, the affordability of the verification services in terms of your financial means.

    Stay realistic and remember that there is no guarantee that your Instagram verification application will be approved by Instagram, irrespective of who submits the application to them.

    →  Instagram’s Take On Buying Verification

    Buying Instagram verification is not something you should shout from the rooftop, but it can really help you if you’re struggling to get verified on your own. 

    Instagram does not endorse buying Instagram verification services and even states in their verification terms that they can remove your verification badge at any time and even disable your account if you, “Attempt to verify your account through a third party.”  

    With that said, this type of action by Instagram is never seen and we’ve certainly not heard of anyone who’s lost their verification badge due to using a professional verification service to get verified. As long as the verification service is reputable and legitimate, you should be fine.

    → Is Buying Instagram Verification Worth It?

    Consider the benefits of having your account verified. If you need to get verified, then decide whether to do it yourself or to buy Instagram verification.

    If you think your chance of getting verified is high and you are capable of submitting your verification application yourself, then why not do it yourself? It’s free, after all.

    If you’re struggling to get verified or hesitant to go through the verification process yourself, then you should absolutely hire a professional verification service to help you get the verified check on Instagram. Trusted professional services give you peace of mind, value for your bucks, and lightens your load if you’re overburdened with other tasks.

    Having a verified account does push you into an exclusive group of Instagram account holders. This can really boost your visibility, extend your reach, grow your following, and bring you business success on Instagram. 

    Wrapping Up: Buying Instagram Verification


    If you’re hesitant to go through the Instagram verification application alone, or you’re struggling to get verified, don’t give up. Work on your Instagram profile to improve your chance of getting verified. 

    If you have the financial means, then buying Instagram verification can give you that extra boost you need to get verified successfully. Professional assistance can help you optimize your Instagram account to a level for successful verification.

    Whichever way you choose to go to get verified on Instagram, we hope that you’ll successfully have that little blue badge next to your Instagram username in no time.

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