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List of Top 20 Most Followed Instagrammer in the World | Digital Engine Land

Did you use Instagram? No is the rarest answer to this question in this modern world. Instagram is one of the trending and popular social networks on the planet, with over one billion monthly active users. Instagram is especially famous in India and the United States, with more than 150 million users.

List of Top Most Followed Instagrammer


The lists of Top 20 Most Followed Instagrammer in the World are mentioned below:

    Cristiano Ronaldo  (450 M)

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    The top first hero (Instagrammer) globally is famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. He is best known for his trophies and record-breaking achievements and has more than 424 million followers, which is said to be wow by many people. His experience with three major football clubs is truly motivating for other players.

    Kylie Jenner (345 M)

    Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner is now considered a popular and top followed Instagrammer as she has more than 326 million followers on Instagram. She wears many hats, including businesswoman, media personality, and socialite. She is an American person and belongs to the Kardashian family. Kylie Jenner won many awards.

    Lio Messi (334 M)

    Leo Messi

    Like Cristiano Ronaldo, one more football player is considered a top followed Instagrammer globally, and that is Lionel Messi. He holds over 317 million followers on this account and often post various posts to attract his followers. There is only a small follower difference between Kylie Jenner and Lionel Messi.

    Selena Gomez (325 M)

    Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez has spent her entire life in the spotlight, and the social media era is no exception. She is an American singer and there are 310 million followers for her on Instagram. In addition to magazine shoots, plaids, and candids, Gomez uses her platform to discuss mental health and cheer followers to educate themselves on the importance of mental fitness. 

    Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) (320 M)


    Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is a WWE champion, actor, and producer in America. His account holds more than 308 million followers on Instagram. If you don't remember him from his wrestling days, you have probably seen him in blockbusters like Jumanji, Fast & Furious, etc.

    Ariana Grande (315 M)

    Ariana Grande

    Can musicians attain the worldwide top position in social media? Yes, Ariana Grande is the first musician from America on this list, and she has a massive following on Instagram. The 'God Is a Woman' singer updates her Instagram account frequently and interacts with her 304 and above million followers.

    Kim Kardashian (316 M)

    Kim Kardashian

    One of the leading media personalities in the U.S who has placed in the list of top 20 followed Instagrammer is Kim Kardashian. Apart from her media personality, she is a popular socialite, model and a great businesswoman. She maintains 299 million followers in her account on Instagram.

    Beyonce Knowles (261 M)

    Beyonce Knowles

    There will always be only one Beyonce, and she has 248 million and above followers on Instagram. With Lemonade, the singer-actress-songwriter-producer-dancer-businesswoman-director-and-more forever changed the way artists release albums. She is an American celebrity. 

    Khloe Kardashian (249 M)

    Khloé Kardashian

    Khloe Kardashian is a model and socialite from the United States. She has appeared on the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians with her family since 2007. Recently she pushed back a few popular people and claimed in the list of top 20 followed Instagrammer list with over 232 million followers.

    Taylor swift (244 M)

    Continuing to the next top position on this list, Taylor Swift, a talented American singer, has claimed it. Her account stands out from the crowd because she pays close attention to the Instagram feed, attempting to make posts in a consistent style. Over 206 million followers are following her account.

    Kendall Jenner (240 M)

    The next celebrity and the top followed Instagrammer in the world is Kendall Jenner, and she also belongs to the United States of America. There are 229 million and more followers on her Instagram account, and she is a stunning model and television personality.

    Justin Bieber (239 M)

    Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber is a man who does not require any introduction. He not only has one of the most popular YouTube channels, but he also has the most followers on Instagram with 229 million and above followers. His account with photos of him hanging out with celebrities and living the good life. 

    National Geographic (225 M)

    Since the advent of digital technology, National Geographic which is an American magazine has existed. Along with the channel and website, there is also an Instagram account with over 216 million followers. If you go to National Geographic's account, you can virtually travel worldwide.

    Nike (222 M)

    Nike is a well-known American brand among young people and athletes. This Instagram account sells sporting goods and has 210 million and above followers. However, there is no direct advertising available here. The brand has a unique philosophy that it shares with its followers.

    Jennifer Lopez (211 M)

    Lopez is a multi-talented media personality, having worked as an actress, dancer, and singer in America. Furthermore, she began acting in the previous century, making her well-known among people of various generations. As she has many fans, there are 202 million followers in Instagram.

    Virat Kohli (199 M)

    Now you will know about the ever-charming, handsome and talented cricket player, Virat Kohli. Apart from his talent in cricket, people follow his account to admire and watch his stunning posts. He is the top followed Instagrammer from India, and he has more than 189 million followers.  

    Nick Minaj (192 M)

    Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of musicians on this list, and Nicki Minaj is right behind cricketer Virat Kholi. Her account is exactly what you would expect it to be, and more than 183 million followers are there. Many people consider her a 'Queen of Rap' and she is from Trinidad and Tobago.  

    Kourtney Kardashian (182 M)

    Kourtney Kardashian is popular like her two sisters and maintains more than 168 million followers on Instagram. Kourtney and her sisters Kim and Khloe co-wrote the non-fiction book Kardashian Konfidential, a mix of autobiography and self-help. She also launched her website, Poosh, in 2019 and she is an American model. 

    Neymar (175 M)

    Neymar is widely followed as one of the best footballers in the world, having been named "South American Footballer of the Year" twice. He is a Brazilian national team player and a member of the Paris Saint-Germain League 1 club. More than 172 million followers are there on his account.

    Miley Cyrus (174 M)

    The final Instagrammer in the top 20 list is Miley Cyrus who is an American singer. She is well-known for her music, unique raspy voice, and amazing appearance. On her account with over 165 million followers, you can find photos from photoshoots and behind-the-scenes videos.

    Final verdict: 

    Hopefully, these are the top 20 followed Instagrammer, and their details are explained above. Start to follow your favourite celebrity on Instagram.

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