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5 Benefits of Canvas Printing


    With a wide selection of wall display options, Canvas printing is a distinctive option to showcase your most loved photos. Compared to conventional and glossy paper, images printed on canvas have a variety of advantages, particularly in cost, quality, durability, and overall appearance. This article will discuss five advantages that come with Canvas prints. Continue reading!

    Canvas Printing

    Canvas Print: What is it?

    The canvas print, which should not be misunderstood as painting on canvas, is a picture printed by an inkjet printer. After printing, the canvas is stretched and placed on frames. A few people choose frames that do not have borders, and others prefer framed prints. Many people use the gallery-wrapping method for a canvas that is not framed print. It is covered with stretcher bars and secured on the frame during this process.

    Much less expensive than framing

    Contrary to what is commonly believed, the finished painting on a canvas is more affordable than other media. For instance, paper prints. Initially, the cost of printing an image onto paper is minimal; you could even print copies of your own at home using the help of a photo printer.

    However, the expense associated with mounting and framing is much more expensive than the total cost of the canvas, which makes it cheaper than traditional photo printing. Additionally, it can be laborious to pick the right frame for the interior. Canvas prints are already framed, and you can hang them by following a couple of easy steps once you receive them.


    One of the main reasons to choose canvas prints is their durability. Canvas is a strong and durable material that has stood the test of time.

    However, top-quality ink keeps its vibrancy in the artwork longer than paper. This is why canvas prints found in art galleries and museums have been thriving for long periods.

    It is beneficial for businesses as well!

    Canvas printing isn't restricted to vacation or family photographs for decorating the home. Businesses can use this technique to boost the appeal of their brand. For example, you could put up canvas prints in your reception area, office, or restaurant, shop, or office to create a welcoming space for employees and guests alike. Consider printing promotional materials on a canvas to increase brand awareness.

    No Glare

    Images framed behind glass or printed onto glossy papers can be stunning when placed in the right place; however, in rooms that have plenty of light -- whether natural or artificial, the shiny finish can create glare and reflections, which can get out of the way of viewers seeing the photo in exactly as you intended. 

    However, canvas prints are matte and satin, making them the ideal medium for displaying photos in rooms with bright lighting.

    Printing on canvas looks good on nearly any photo

    Another advantage of the canvas print is that nearly every type of image you print will look great. Certain photo art products are unique and have specific characteristics that limit the kind of image that you can print. 

    Portraits for instance aren't the most appealing when printed on the Classic Silver Metal Print because the raw, brushed appearance of aluminum will show the parts of a photograph that have low saturation. Canvas prints are, however, able to make almost every photo appear stunning and will not look bad, except for photographs where the subjects are extremely small.

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