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How Safe is Your School These Days?


When you are in charge of a school, the well-being of your students and staff ranks as a huge priority.

As important as getting a good education is, you want to be sure anyone on campus is safe each day.

That said, how safe do you feel your school is these days?

It makes sense to have regular school safety reviews.

By covering the basics and then some, you are in a better position to pick up on any shortcomings. Those shortcomings can be the difference in a safe school and one that could be open to possible trouble.


Look for Any Cracks in the Security Armor

In going about making sure your campus is as safe as it can be, here are a few areas to zero in on:

1. Physical security - The days are pretty much gone when anyone can come onto a school campus. That is to not have credentials checked, wander where they wanted and so on. That said, you want to put a big emphasis on physical security. That means things like secure doors, windows and so on. Making sure you have locks that work is critical. If you are not already using advanced locking solutions, now would be a good time to consider doing so. Such locking solutions will give you an edge on criminals infiltrating your campus. These solutions also make it so students and staff feel better on locking up belongings. As part of your physical security efforts, also make sure that photo I.D. options are in play. These can help you better track who should and should not be on the grounds.

 2. Computer security - With so many folks using computers on campuses, you want those using them to be safe. To lessen chances of hacking and other such issues, be sure to have the proper anti-virus programs. Also be sure that your computers can’t be picked up and removed from campus. While you may let students and staff take school laptops home at times, be sure you have the proper sign-outs. Finally, make sure students and staff are not allowed to access certain sites on the Internet. That is those you would deem inappropriate. This can include sites that promote sex, gambling and so on.

3. Security from illnesses - In light of COVID, there is more emphasis on sickness on campuses. That said, you want to be as sure as you can that both students and staff do not come to school when sick. There is a difference between one coming to school with a small headache and a full-blown cold, the flu or COVID. Have a plan in place that allows students and staff under the weather to work remotely until they feel better. This better protects those who are healthy on campus and the sick individual too.

In securing your school to the best of your abilities, will you pass the test in having a safe campus for all to learn on?

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