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9 Exciting Careers You Can Have in Computer Engineering

Computer engineering degrees are proving popular with those that look to the future with inspired eyes. Graduates are driving innovation and creating technological advancements that their parents would never have dreamed of. They work with software and hardware systems for everything from laptops and smartphones to airplanes and space shuttles. 

Careers in Computer Engineering

But that’s not all. Computer engineers are required in almost every industry. They are an integral part of cybersecurity and protecting critical infrastructures across the world. They also provide incredible advancements in the way we administer health care, how we shop online, and much more. 

According to Microsoft’s Policy Advisor, William Kamela, the US is producing 40,000 computer science graduates every year, but the demand is nearer to 120,000.

If the topic of computer engineering fascinates you, but you’re not sure what types of careers will await you at the end of your degree, here are nine exciting job roles you can look forward to! 

Traveling through space

While we all might have dreamed of being an astronaut while growing up, most of us grow out of it, assuming it’s near impossible. But those with degrees in science, math, and engineering can actually get there. 

The requirements to be an astronaut are strict and will require more than just a degree. You can find out more about what you need to be an astronaut here.

Video Game or VR Programmer

As a video game programmer, you’ll be responsible for bringing ideas to life by writing technical code and algorithms. You’ll work to find ways of connecting the player’s controls to the fictional world you’ve created and how the two can work hand in hand. 

In the same vein, computer engineering can open you up to a whole new virtual world. Graduates can enjoy a job in Virtual Reality programming and help design technology to be used in gaming, construction, and even hospitality.


Robotics is shaping the future. It’s a lucrative and exciting industry to be a part of but requires some serious hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. Whether you work on building new robots for use in the healthcare field, manufacturing industry, or work as a repair technician, there are plenty of unique professions in this field.

The future of mobility

As a computer engineering student, the future of mobility is in your hands. If you study a computer engineering degree that focuses on advanced mobility, you can work on exciting projects like self-driving cars, automotive connectivity, and 5G capabilities within the automotive space. 

Artificial Intelligence

Science fiction is no longer a thing of our imagination. With the help of artificial intelligence, computers are becoming more and more sophisticated each day. AI focuses on producing algorithms to help computers ‘think’ like humans do. Specialists in the field are producing robots to do jobs that are dangerous for humans – such as on bomb sites, in submarines, and much more. If you’re interested in working in a field that’s only in its infancy but with huge growth potential, AI is the perfect option for you.

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This field is crucial for the way we practice healthcare. Bioinformatic software engineers work to organize and understand human genetics through technology. Their work helps to create new treatment plans and medications for short-term and long-term illnesses.

Nurse Informatics

On a similar route as bioinformatics, nurse informatics is helping the healthcare industry move into the modern world. With the help of technology, nurses are now able to monitor their patients’ organ functions while on the go, IV drips can be automated, and telemedicine is changing the way healthcare can be accessed for everyone.

Computer Science

Of course, a computer engineering degree could easily land you a job in computer science. If you’re interested in studying data structures and creating algorithms for solving practical problems, then this job will bring new excitement and challenges each day. 

Test Engineer 

Test engineers are in high demand in the automotive and manufacturing industries. These guys are responsible for ensuring engines and machinery are working correctly and improving their efficiency. They work with design teams on new products and offer consultant services to testing facilities and much more.  

At first, computer engineering may seem like the route to a desk job, working as a software engineer or IT consultant at a corporate company or computer repair Brisbane. But there is so much more available. These are just a few of the exciting roles you could land after studying computer science or engineering. More and more specialist courses are becoming available – both online and on-campus – and you can guarantee the industry won’t slow anytime soon. 

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