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The Top 4 Digital Business Card


    4 Of The Best Digital Business Cards In The Market

    Digital business cards have risen in popularity among individuals, companies, and other businesses considerably. They’re more effective and safer compared to the legacy in-person, physical business cards.

    Digital Business Cards

    In this modern era, you really need to consider having the best digital business cards, like from Beaconstac, to ensure that you’re on top of all your contact needs and people are able to find you with little to no hurdles.

    What Is The Purpose Of Best Digital Business Cards?

    The main purpose behind electronic or digital business cards is the ability to share your desired cards with others easily, and for them to have a more manageable experience when it comes to finding other people's as well as your own information online.

    Digital business cards can be shared easily and super conveniently in a lot of different ways online, from QR codes to social media, emails, videos, word documents, you name it. 

    Your information is stored in your digital business card which anyone can access by just scanning a QR Code. 

    Details included can be such as your full name, email address, in some business cases; residential address, phone numbers, user bio, social links, and sometimes a wonderful picture of you.

    Where Can I Get The Best Digital Business Cards?

    There are a lot of great websites to choose from when it comes to finding the best digital business cards and templates. Here's a list of the top ones and their ratings, that you should definitely look into.

    ✔️ Beaconstac (9/10)

    Beaconstac’s digital business card is one of the best picks that you’ll ever find when it comes to creating the best digital business card possible. You have the ability to add a contact, address, website location, more than 20 social media links and so much more.

    You have the ability to send your card through Apple or Google Wallet, and keep track of who’s accessed your card by location. Analytics like the number of views it’s had is shown, alongside a secure way to keep your card and details safe.

    The whole purpose of Beaconstac and the service they provide is to make sure you can grow your network the way you want to, and share your cards with anyone in a secure way. 

    ✔️ HiHello (8.5/10)

    Known as a free digital business card and contact manager app designed to help you grow your network. Through them, you’re able to easily share and receive information, alongside having an email signature created.

    ✔️ QRD (7/10)

    Creating a business card through QRD can be great if you don’t want a paper card, but it does come with some issues. Once you’ve published and properly created the card, you’re unable to go back and edit it afterward. You are however able to see the analytics and different ways for you to share your contact details.

    ✔️ QR Code Generator Pro (6/10)

    You can easily track who’s viewing your digital business card, and change the way your card looks. While it’s easy to use and a good solution for digital business cards for your company, there isn’t any information regarding their security measures.

    When it comes down to security, lasting results, and overall use of analytics, the best digital business cards, whether being a big or small business, Beaconstac pretty much takes the cake in that sense.

    Final Thoughts

    The main purpose behind electronic or digital business cards is to show through a professional demeanor that you’re able to provide your services with fully qualified means, and the ability to ensure people are able to contact you with little to no stress.

    All types of businesses use them, both small and large, overall giving off a more modern solution and presentation of your contact details and social links. 

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