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Miconex - Digital Gift Cards Portal For Local 2023


    The goal of Miconex, a company with a noble mission, is to increase the amount of money spent in urban and rural establishments. Miconex wants to provide communities, whether towns, cities, downtowns, or organizations, with a useful way to purchase in their neighborhood. Thus, neighborhood businesses of all shapes and sizes will receive crucial support as a result. Miconex’s mission is to give communities, whether they are towns, cities, downtowns, or other organizations, a practical approach to supporting small and large neighborhood businesses while keeping money in the community.

    Miconex advances downtowns and high streets around the globe by making it convenient and alluring for people to purchase locally and frequently. Customers will find it simpler to shop locally and frequently thanks to Miconex, which will support the growth of high streets and central business districts globally. Miconex launched the first citywide gift card program with the introduction of town & city gift cards. Town & city gift cards are more than gift cards. They let communities create their local currency through various use cases, such as consumer sales, employee incentives, and money distribution schemes.

    Miconex Partner Portal

    Miconex rewards:

    Miconex was a pioneer in this industry regarding the usage of local currencies and reward programs related to payments. Its programs aim to lock in money for local enterprises and stimulate extra economic activity. In this industry, Miconex was a pioneer in the use of regional currencies and loyalty programs that were linked to payments.

    In 2018, Miconex launched Mi Rewards, a digital customer loyalty program, in Perth. Miconex Incentives is a loyalty program linked to payment cards that offer rewards to customers who use the associated debit or credit cards at local businesses in their town or city. This helps companies find a solution to the issue of retaining the support of their customer base.

    The advantages of Miconex gift cards:

    With the use of technology, local governments may now offer their own digital gift card that can be used on the Mastercard network, as well as other digital wallet services.

    A digital e-card is offered to customers as an additional option in several of Miconex’s physical gift card programs. The Sunderland gift card is one such initiative, which was made available in 2020. One of the various physical gift card schemes offered by Miconex is Sunderland.

    Town & city gift cards are famous for employee incentives and awards in addition to consumer sales. At the September 2020 incentive awards, Miconex won the prize for best use of prepaid, and at the November 2021 incentive awards, they received the prestigious company of the year award.

    The business of the year award was given to Miconex:

    Miconex was recently recognized for its assistance in the development of the Perth card and other gift card programs throughout the United States and the UK at a ceremony hosted by the gift card and voucher association.

    At the gift card and voucher association hall of fame awards in September 2022, Miconex was also given the small to medium business of the year award. At the Scottish financial technology awards in October 2022, Miconex won the social influence award in recognition of its ground-breaking efforts to address socioeconomic issues and have a positive impact on communities.

    At the ceremony held by the gift card and voucher association on September 14 at the landmark in London, the organization that founded the Perth card, as well as other gift card programs was honored.

    The motivation behind Miconex's recognition was the company's desire to aid in the development of local economies and regional businesses.

    Miconex's managing director, colin munro, and chief operating officer, leigh brown, were surprised and honored by the recognition. According to Munro, the experience was both a surprise and an honor.

    Miconex local gift cards:

    The card was given out to low-income families in the metropolitan area in order to boost economic growth and support low-income businesses. The distribution of the gift cards was the first step in Miconex’s plan to offer the gift card. Already incurred costs with Glasgow-based companies total more million.

    The Miconex Perth Gift Card was the company’s first domestic gift card, as was already mentioned. It was released in 2015, utilizing a format free of payments for the donor companies.

    Since its launch seven years ago, Miconex's town and city gift card services have been used in more than 150 locations across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and the United States.

    Over 10,000 local businesses have adopted Miconex initiatives, and the company has so far invested more million in these companies.

    Final Thoughts:

    If you have a business area and want to increase locals spending, look at the different gift cards offered by Miconex. It is an excellent idea to aid the local economy. So these are the above-explained details about Miconex.

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