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5 link-building benefits that boost your SEO ratings


    For a company to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital world, it must focus on SEO. That’s because optimization is all that’s important for reaching the right type of customers and providing the best content for clients. Getting higher rankings also consolidates people’s trust in the company. All this cycle is set to make the business reach its best version while contributing to superior developments of products and services. 

    One of the most important strategies for boosting SEO is link-building. This process provides relevant links to a website but from external sites. A company would do this to improve its search engine visibility, therefore increasing its chances of reaching more potential customers and strengthening its brand image. 

    Although a quite complex process, link building contributes to a well-developed website. But that’s not everything ―let’s see what the real power of link building is and what its benefits are. 

    SEO Link building

    Building authority and credibility 

    A company’s most precious asset to earn is credibility because it makes people turn to a reliable source whenever they need a particular product or service. Enhancing customer expectations makes any company look professional and relevant, which maintains one’s brand image. 

    Credibility can be built by optimizing domain authority and rating, the two most important metrics used by SEO. These two elements show how much of a website can be trusted and what is the quality of the backlinks. Checking a website’s backlinks can tell you if it’s:

    ● Average, with a score between 40 and 50;

    ● Good, with a score between 50 and 60;

    ● Excellent, if the score is above 60;

    Considering domain authority as essential can make the business attract guest posts, adversities at a larger scale, sponsored posts and an increase in affiliate sales. However, it takes time to build a trustworthy website and valuable information all the time. This is why link building services can increase domain rating through content marketing, broken link building and email outreach. 

    Improving SERP rankings 

    SERP (search engine results pages) rankings include paid search and pay-per-click ads. It’s usually the page that a search engine returns after users submit a search query. It’s one of the most critical elements of a website because, if done properly, it can enhance the customer’s experience, but failing to provide it will hinder the whole purchasing phase. SERP have the following features:

    ● Graph results that appear in a panel box on the SERP;

    ● Rich snippets that add visuals to a result (stars in product reviews or photos in news results);

    ● Paid results that include a label to mark that the result is an ad;

    ● Universal results that appear alongside organic ones;

    If the website’s domain authority increases, so does SERP because search engines want to provide users with the best experience when searching for something. Therefore, as a way to improve SERP, link-building is done for backlinks to improve rankings. A link-building agency can help with manual link building services that can improve a website’s SERP rankings to position it at one top of people’s searches. 

    Generating more website traffic 

    Website traffic helps with online exposure. The more visitors the website has, the more your SEO rank will increase in search engines. High website traffic shows that your domain has high authority since more direct and organic traffic visits your site. 

    Link-building can generate more traffic by the placement of links to the company’s website on other sites because this is how others discover and access websites. A strong link profile helps with online visibility and traffic expansion through:

    ● Having keyword-rich anchor texts that add value to the website;

    Engaging in guest posting by reaching out to bloggers to post as guests;

    ● Requesting attribution with corresponding inbound link;

    ● Benchmarking helps with facing the competition;

    Website traffic can also be increased by:

    ● Social media ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook or Google;

    ● Social media engagement with customers and potential clients;

    Content marketing strategies to attract customers; 

    Supporting internal linking 

    Internal linking is the process that helps with directing readers to a target page on the website. In other words, it’s a link from one page to another but on the same domain. The advantages of such links are they improve usability through anchor text and boost page views. 

    Internal linking is important because:

    ● It helps search engines understand your site’s structure so that a specific contextual relationship between the pages can be demonstrated;

    ● It passes authority to improve rankings;

    ● It allows users better navigate websites and complete the desired action (making a purchase or filling out a form);

    Making search engines understand the content on a certain website is incredibly beneficial for proper media coverage and website traffic. And as long as search engines can find content on websites easily, there’s no risk of a website’s content becoming orphaned since pages can be indexed. 

    Cultivating brand awareness


    Brand awareness is what makes customers recognize products better. A customer’s awareness can include positive or negative impressions of the said company compared to its competition, but a business intends to increase and maintain positive brand awareness. 

    Link building helps create brand awareness by improving backlinks because it’s similar to a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. When a website links to another one, it gives customers the impression that the site is worth checking out. This boosts credibility and cultivates a level of brand awareness to support lead generation. This ultimate process attracts prospects to businesses and increases their interest with the goal of converting into customers. Brand awareness can also be developed by the following:

    ● Referral programs 

    ● Guest content 

    ● Infographics 

    ● Local partnerships

    What’s great about brand awareness is that it creates a community that generates leads continuously since the company is promoted by people who consider it relevant to their close ones. All through links! Therefore, links are essential to a business’s growth and development potential. 

    Wrapping up

    Link building is a crucial process for companies that ensures leads, traffic and income. But more than anything, link-building provides credibility and authority to a business, which is one of the most valuable things for customers. 

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