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5 QR code types to use for vinyl record stores

    Who would have thought vinyl would remain popular despite today’s digital streaming platforms?

    MRC Data's 2021 U.S. Year-End Report says that vinyl records doubled last year, from 27.5 million in 2020 to 41.7 million in 2021.

    This is excellent news for vinyl record manufacturers since it can boost sales. And to promote their services even further, they can use modern technology, such as QR codes.

    QR code types

    For instance, the social media QR code can help vinyl record stores promote their albums and encourage more people to try out vinyl records.

    Learn how to use social media QR codes for your vinyl record stores below.

    Social Media QR code: a promotional tool for vinyl record stores

    A social media QR code is a dynamic QR code that can store different links to your social media pages. You can create one by using a QR code generator with logo online.

    Upon scanning, it redirects users to a landing page showing all your social media platforms, making it easier for the audience to follow.

    Adding a social media QR code to the album covers of vinyl records can help increase the social following of vinyl stores and manufacturers.

    And more followers can lead to a broader audience reach and more user engagements. More people will see your updates, photos, and other content.

    Social media visibility also helps customers to find information about your vinyl record store and your products, including updates on new releases.

    More than that, the social media QR code can also store links to websites and online marketplaces, such as Etsy and Shopify.

    With this inclusion, you can lead users to your online stores, where they can browse for other albums or place orders.

    Other QR codes you can use for vinyl record stores

    Here are different QR code types you can use that will surely help streamline your operations and boost your sales:

    ✔️ vCard QR code

    vCard QR code works as a digital business card. It can store multiple contact details, including emails, phone numbers, and locations. You can even add your website and social links to it.

    With this cost-efficient QR code, you no longer have to print business cards for your vinyl record store.

    ✔️ H5 QR code

    Having a custom landing page for your vinyl record store sets you apart from other stores.

    You can create one using the H5 editor QR code. With this solution, you can create a webpage without programming or coding language or without buying a domain.

    The landing page will serve as your business identity and allow you to reintroduce your vinyl record stores again in the market the techy way.

    The landing page can also work for your online promotions, such as launching a new item or running limited-time promos. Since it’s dynamic, you can change the page anytime.

    To share the page, simply deploy its corresponding QR code and let people scan it.

    ✔️ URL QR code

    Having a website is suitable for any business. However, sharing it can take a lot of work. It’s inconvenient to paste its URL, especially on printed materials simply.

    Go for a URL QR code instead. It can take users directly to your vinyl record store's website. All they have to do is scan it with their smartphones.

    This can help in boosting your website’s traffic and online visibility. It can also improve your rankings on search engine results pages.

    ✔️ Feedback QR code

    Customers love having their voices heard, which is why businesses must always ask for feedback.

    QR code technology can help you in collecting feedback seamlessly. You can create a feedback QR code that will lead scanners to an online form they can complete using smartphones.

    To do this, you must create an online form using Google Forms or Microsoft Forms. After that, copy its link and embed it within the QR code.

    Relaunch your vinyl record store with QRTIGER

    Your vinyl record store can compete again in the market using QR codes, incorporating your traditional product with a high-technology tool.

    Marketing your vinyl records through QR code technology should be easy with QRTIGER, the best online QR code generator.

    It offers various QR code solutions, customization tools, and advanced features for dynamic QR codes. It also offers tiered plans at reasonable prices.

    Start your QR code journey with QRTIGER today.

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