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Customer feedback survey: 5 benefits

    In today's world, the success or failure of your company depends largely on your ability to provide excellent customer service

    Research has shown that customer acquisition is typically five times costlier than customer retention. Your most satisfied customers may recommend you to two or three people, but your least satisfied customers could potentially reach hundreds, or even thousands, on social media.

    To maintain a competitive advantage, you should survey your customers on a regular basis and cover as many touchpoints along their customer journey as you can. 

    Conducting customer feedback surveys is one of the best ways to measure your service quality.

    More Than Words Marketing is an experienced direct marketing agency with decades of experience in telemarketing, phone surveys and market research. 

    Customer feedback

    Customer satisfaction surveys over the phone offer the following 5 top benefits:

    Monitoring and improving overall customer satisfaction

    The Net Promoter Score® is a tool to measure customer feedback and is the core metric for customer experience management. This efficiently measures customer satisfaction and predicts business growth globally.

    Participants rate their answers to customer feedback questions on a 10-point scale from "Not at All Likely" to "Very Likely".

    Following that, the answers are separated into three categories:

    ● Detractors - people scoring between 0-6 and considered "Not Likely"

    ● Passives - answers ranging from 7 to 8

    ● Promoters - people with scores of 9 - 10 in the "Very Likely" range

    You can determine the official NPS of your company simply by subtracting the number of Detractors from the number of Promoters.

    Because NPS is widely adopted by businesses, you can use this score to compare your customer satisfaction with theirs. 

    Once you have determined your NPS value, you'll be able to see where your company needs to improve.

    Analyse how your competitors are perceived by customers

    When it comes to protecting or gaining market share, use phone surveys to determine what your competitors' main strengths are.

    Customer interviews allow your business to learn which products/services customers value most from competitors. This way you can see what they are offering that you might be missing. 

    The right customer satisfaction survey question can allow you to discover what your competitors' weaknesses are, in a way that doesn't feel pressured.

    Build stronger relationships with your customers after sales

    After you have gotten prospects to buy from you, it is important to nurture these relationships to keep them coming back.

    With a customer satisfaction survey, you can find out how happy they are with their new purchase, as well as identify any issues they may need help with. Taking the time to follow up on your customers will strengthen the relationship between you and them post-sale.

    We gain insight by asking open questions

    While Customer Satisfaction Indexes and Net Promoter Scores provide valuable benchmarking information, they don't provide insight into what issues exist, or what can be done to remedy them. In a phone conversation, open customer satisfaction survey questions allow you to identify patterns and gain a clear understanding of your customer's perspective.

    Response rates are generally higher on the phone than on other channels, as it is more difficult to ignore a ringing phone than it is an email in your inbox.

    You can make better business decisions with customer feedback

    Any successful business decision considers customer feedback. 

    Valuable feedback from customers tells you how your business can be improved, based on the opinions of the people that really matter - the ones actually buying your product or service. 

    Your business strategies will improve and the customer experience will improve as a result of effective phone surveys.

    Final thoughts

    Businesses don't always have the time, expertise, or resources to conduct phone interview campaigns.

    Outsourcing can be of great help here.

    The key to outsourcing is to develop a long-term relationship with a partner who understands your needs, this ensures you get results you desire.

    To gather customer feedback, More Than Words Marketing can use your own customer lists, or we can create focus groups based on databases of people and companies who are likely to buy the products and services you are selling.

    The information they share with you allows you to target your marketing messages accordingly.

    Each of these phone interviews will examine potential customers' expectations, pain points, budgets, and knowledge about companies in the sector. Our conversations will provide valuable insight into your target audience for your marketing and sales teams.

    For more information about our telephone market research services, please call 0330 010 8300.

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