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Advertising Your Goods And Services

    Blessing Your Marketing Budget And Decisions

    Advertise Goods and Service

    You have to understand that the commercials you run away from and avoid all day long have been the subject of millions of dollars of budgetary funds. Someone sat down with a team full of people and decided that they would spend gobs and gobs of money to get you to convert your thoughts and feelings about a brand or product into assuredness that you will become a customer or regular patron of their goods and services. Sure, there are some products you wish existed so you simply learn more online to see if they exist or not, and as a result, you stumble into exactly what you were looking for, albeit inadvertently. The reality is, even if you were to look for that product online the fact that it was served to you happened as the direct result of someone’s marketing budget placing the product within your eye line at the top of the search results. So much money was spent on that ad that you just walked right past and ignored because it simply did not speak to you, or it was done poorly and inappropriately, but just as much was spent on the display poster that you turned to look at and scrutinize more closely.

    You want to make sure you are involved with every single aspect of your advertising decisions, but that is largely only applicable and acceptable if you have never once made an error with advertising, and you are literally seated at the right hand of the Gods of Marketing or something. Otherwise, you will likely have numerous blind spots in your advertising thoughts, creative direction, marketing, and even the actors used in the commercial campaigns you choose can end up being the exact wrong people you need to be focused on. Let me give you some classic examples of exactly how this mistake has been made numerous times in American history, because American advertisers were so traditionally white supremacist and racist that they never considered that advertising directly to non-white people would actually make them money, and they were too scared to offend racist white people than make money from other communities.


    Advertising Can Have Its Pitfalls And Issues, So Be Careful

    Copy writers here in the United States of America regularly used racist stereotypes in their billboards, posters, commercials and flyers as an exotic “other” was used to map the products and services onto as a sort of human canvas that did not have to actually engage with the pain of that community, but instead, Americans have traditionally used advertising as a way to disrespectfully parody other communities in a racist manner, and when we look across the pond, we see that Africans are similarly disrespected and subjected to anti-black racism in many Asian advertisements.  This is why there are not many products that are specifically catered to the African American community before black business people were able to directly address the needs of their community. Many large American corporations responded by buying out as many of these companies as possible, to only bastardize the existing product and not honor the needs of their African American customers. This trend has occurred especially in the African American haircare space, where black-weed businesses end up getting bought out by white owners, who now see the benefit in advertising to the black community.

    Worse yet, there are many companies with African Americans in their packaging and branding, but there is not a single non-white person at the executive (or any) level of the company. We have seen a similar trend take place with white American chefs and cooks who take traditional Asian recipes and rebrand them and pretend they invented them, like the latest trend of white American influencers selling peanut sauce without honoring its history in Indonesia and other parts of Asia. In this way, we have seen advertisers in America make commercials about “chunky peanut butter sauce” when they are using soy sauce, hoisin sauce and other spices that are traditionally Asian when creating these sauces, but they never acknowledge their Asian heritage in the commercials they create. They indicate in their marketing packages that these sauces came directly from the brain of a white man in America and have absolutely no roots in any community other than the communities they are displaying in the ads in their campaign.

    Spending Your Ad Dollars Wisely And Effectively

    You want to be sure that your money is going in the right place so that you can capture your customer exactly where they are without them having to jump through hoops to find a product that might be exceedingly relevant to them and their needs. This is why people install a Hyros ad tracker onto their websites: to be absolutely certain that the work they are putting into their ads are ultimately connecting with customers in the best way possible and to the most effective form of click through experience and that can be checked by Voluum Ad Tracking Platform. You want your customer to feel addressed and supported by your approach and not alienated by the decisions you have made in marketing to them or even trying to reach them to educate them about your product. 

    Sometimes customers do not even know what they want yet, and if they are put off by the approach you take in marketing to them, you might not even get a chance to introduce yourself to your customer effectively enough that they would want to spend money with you. So, you have to be sure that you are making decisions that not only capture new customers but keep old ones and do not make them feel like they are interacting with a brand that does not understand their wants or needs as a customer or a client. The love and care you approached your product or service with should be extended equally to the advertising you do to sell that product or service.

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