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Boxed Packaged Goods | Type and Advantages of Boxed Packaging

Getting boxed packaged goods is not at all difficult since there are many suppliers available out there. To get the right one, you have to contact the right supplier. With boxed packaging goods, you can make a transaction for your business to make a good profit. Nowadays, the packaging is becoming more important and popular than ever before because of the move towards online shopping the whole world is going through. Box packing is one of the cheap and best environment-friendly ways to wrap your goods. Here are some points that you have to know about boxed packaging goods. 

What are boxed packaged goods?

It is a product that is packed using a box that will be well protected during shipping. Packaged goods, boxed goods are another name for boxed packaged goods. In the process of shipping, many sellers use boxed packaging to preserve fragile or high-value items like consumer electronic goods, games, and wine. Remember that boxes are the best product containers for shipping a product safely to your customers.

boxed packaged goods

Types of boxed packaged goods

Some various types of boxed packaged goods that need a proper type of packaging are





Food products


Types of boxed used for boxed packaged goods

When dealing with product boxes and packaging, you might encounter problems since they are available in various types. Even though you are very careful, there will be a probability that the boxed packaged goods get damaged during shipping. You can reduce the damages by using the most suitable boxes for the right one. Sturdy cartons and folding cartons are the two major types of cartons that are used for packaging.

Folding cartons are usually made from cardboard or fibreboard, and sturdy cartons are used for making shoe boxes. Both can also be used for electronics and clothing. Five major categories for packing that depend on construction and materials are:

Cardboard boxes

It is made from thick are based materials whose weight is over 250 GSM. Cardboard boxes look very attractive and consider perfect for retail purposes. For water resistance and strength, cardboard boxes can be easily printed and laminated.

Some benefits of cardboard boxes are

• Cardboard boxes are highly flexible and very little in weight

• You can make cardboard boxes with various shapes and sizes

• Cardboard boxes are easily recyclable, printable, and flexible packing design

• From foods to electronics, cardboard boxes are best for all kinds of goods.

With having so many benefits, you also need to remember that they are not perfect for extremely heavy goods. Cardboard boxes can easily distort when stacked depending on the weight of boxes.

Aseptic box for boxed packaged goods

The aseptic box is multilayered cartons that are mainly used to store juice, dessert, soups, baby foods, and milk. These boxes are used for liquid storage since they enhance the shelf life of goods and conserve their color, nutritional value, and texture. In an aseptic box, an airtight lid is provided on the top, which makes them reusable.

Corrugated boxes for boxed packaged goods

It is a combination of corrugated materials that are made from three thick paperboard sheets. In these three sheets, the middle sheet is in rippled shape, and the outer two sheets are flat, and all the three layers are glued along with the thick paste.

Some benefits of corrugated boxes are

Corrugated boxes are safe from moisture and easily customized

It is lightweight and cost-effective

Corrugated boxes can be easily customized

It keeps goods safe during handling and transportation.

Chipboard packaging for boxed packaged goods

Chipboard packaging is available in various ranges of wall thickness from 10 pts to a surplus of 100pts. It is mainly used in the packing of toothpaste, medicine, perfume, and other display purposes.

Rigid boxes packaging

Rigid boxes are made from highly compressed paperboard, which is four times stronger than a standard folding carton. It is best for electronics items, and it also allows printing due to high-end finishing.

Some benefits of rigid box packaging are

• Rigid box packaging can be easily customized.

• It offers a premium look that is suitable for high-end electronic products

• Biodegradable and non-collapsible packing is possible in rigid box packaging

Closing thoughts

If required, you can also use more than one box for one boxed packaged goods. Packing can be done in various ways based on how you use boxed packaged goods. Select the right boxes for the right goods for safe shipping and transportation.

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