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TokenTube - HD Videos like Youtube

TokenTube is a NEW FINNISH video service and networking platform. TokenTube is a national video platform that strongly emphasizes freedom of speech.

TokenTube was established to provide a nationally operated video platform without restrictions based on differences of opinion.

By operating within the limits of Finnish law, TokenTube cannot publish content that violates Finnish law.

In a friendly and respectful environment, Tokentube encourages an open and versatile exchange of ideas and views. You can browse videos, streams, pictures, music, documents, blogs and channels on Tokentube. 

The best categories in this networking platform can be anything related to autos and vehicles, comedy, education, entertainment, film and animation, gaming, howto and Style, music, news and politics, nonprofits and activism, pets and animals, people and blogs, sports, science and technology, travel and events. 


Things can fight, but people don't. The TokenTube community does not support bullying, yelling or nagging.

Juha Korhonen, Head of the Video Platform, claims Mainstream Media is spreading false information about Tokentube. 

Like many news outlets that oppose the agenda of the mainstream media, Nationalist Tokentube, which fought against the restriction of YouTube controlled by the globalists, has been battling windmills for a long time.

PayPal, a significant source of revenue, was shut down first, and then the servers. Juha Korhonen, the platform's founder, has also been fighting against the mainstream media's ongoing defamation and falsification of news.

All of's supporters are familiar with the challenges the country-focused video platform has experienced.

The independent video platform opposing YouTube's corporate dominance has faced all potential operational challenges, including service outages, censorship by some, public defamation, and fake news.

CEO Juha Korhonen has been working to restore TokenTube's video services after they were recently disrupted. 

Korhonen has admitted that Tokentube's servers have been closed due to unpaid invoices. The invoice due dates are ruthless, and Korhonen has revealed that the challenge is too big to overcome.

Later, Korhonen released a video admiring the most recent false information about Tokentube from MTV news.

The statement in the mainstream media that the hacker group "Anonymous" had shut down Tokentube's video services, according to Korhonen, is total nonsense.

He claims that Tokentube had already revealed its financial troubles before releasing the MTV fake report.


Thus, TokenTube is the new Finnish YouTube, where freedom of speech is encouraged, and anyone can share their opinion. 

The site is worth checking out, and you can get information that is not allowed elsewhere. TokenTube is entertaining and pretty good.

It's about the platform, and in the same way, if you buy blank papers from a bookstore, you can write whatever you want on them without worrying about the consequences.

Ensure the legality of freedom of speech content belongs to the authority responsible for legitimacy, the judicial authorities.

TokenTube is an alternative platform for expressing opinions which is preferable for freedom of speech because the mainstream media does not publish unpleasant stories about vaccinations, even though almost every citizen is aware of them and knows someone who has suffered harm or death after receiving vaccinations.

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