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VidMate - Download Free HD Videos & Mp3 2011-2023

    Today, video lovers are more around social media, and maybe you are also among them. Most people spend their free time or relaxing time on social media by scrolling videos, reels, etc. 

    It might be a motivational video or sentimental video or action video, or funny video, and you can watch those videos even without the internet if you have VidMate with you. How many of you know about VidMate? Even though you don’t know about VidMate, you will learn all the important details about VidMate through this post.

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    What is VidMate? 

    In simple words, VidMate is a great application that acts as a bridge to download any videos from any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok etc. It allows users to download and play both audio and videos, and in addition to it, users can also download other apps which are not available on the Google play store. 

    What are the features and advantages of VidMate? 

    • Higher Resolution Supported 

    People hate to watch videos with poor quality, and they will prefer either good quality or higher quality. By understanding this concept, the VidMate was developed with an amazing feature that offers a higher resolution to the users. 

    Since it has a higher resolution feature, the users can download the videos in HD quality, and it will be supported on all sized screens. If you don’t want HD quality videos for some reason, you have other options to download in different qualities.

    • Faster downloading speed 

    Whether you are downloading videos directly available in VidMate or downloading videos from other video streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc., you will expect to download the video as soon as possible. 

    Slow downloading will not be anyone’s choice, and users will enjoy the fast downloading speed feature in VidMate. Developers work hard to bring the difference in downloading speed for VidMate compared to other applications.   

    • Support any format 

    Not everyone likes to watch videos, and some people love to give pleasant music to their ears and mind. When you are struggling to find an MP3, but you can find the same audio in video format, you can use the VidMate at that time. 

    It lets its users download any video in various formats such as 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MP3, WMV etc. The various format capabilities are added constantly to the VidMate application.

    • Device flexibility 

    The next interesting advantage of the VidMate is device flexibility which is not available in many other video downloading applications. You can use the VidMate to download videos on PC, mobile device, laptop etc. 

    Your videos will appear on the big screen without any quality inefficiency. Some amazing applications are also not supported on all devices. For example, if they are supported well in Android, they would not work well on PCs.

    • In-App subscribe and watch Live TV 

    One more surprise for the users in VidMate is an in-app subscription where you can follow the interesting people and your favourite people, and in the new Discover channel, you can keep up with current events. 

    VidMate is very fast in updating current and latest news, and users can watch live TV in high quality. More than 200 TV channels are included in the VidMate so that you can watch your favourite TV shows also.

    • Unlimited free downloads 

    There is no limitation in the VidMate to download the videos, and per day you can download unlimited videos. People can copy the video link from any social media platform and download it in VidMate without spending money. Yes, VidMate is completely free, and users don’t need to pay for downloading the video. 

    Even though it is free downloading videos, it would not buffer in the middle of watching videos.

    • Personalized feeds 

    VidMate has a feature that is highly beneficial for the users, and that is, you can select your language and location. So that you can get good recommendation videos, and it helps to customize your playlist. 

    Once you search for something in VidMate, it will collect the information about your interest and feed the suggestions according to it. You can enjoy better download experiences, and VidMate is completely user friendly.


    How to Install VidMate on your device? 

    Step1: Open to the Google page and download the VidMate APK.

    Step2: When you click to download the VidMate APK, it will ask you to click either ok or cancel, and you have to click ok.

    Step3: Once you click ok, the VidMate APK will start to download and after successfully downloaded, click open.

    Step4: It will ask you permission to open the settings for further steps and click on the Settings option.

    Step5: You have to scroll down and turn on the Unknown sources option.

    Step 6: Some details will appear on your screen, and click ok.

    Step7: Now, again, open the Vidmate.apk file and click Install.

    Step8: Wait until the completion of installation and click open after it.

    How to Download the videos from VidMate? 

    Step1: Open the social media platform to get your beloved videos such as YouTube, Instagram etc.

    Step2: When you find your preferred video, you have to click the copy link option on it.

    Step3: Once you have successfully copied the video’s link, open the VidMate app on your device.

    Step4: There, you can find the search bar option and in that, paste the copied link and click the search option.

    Step5: The video you found on YouTube/Instagram will appear in the VidMate, and you have the download option at the bottom of the video.

    Step6: Click the download symbol and choose the downloading requirements such as file format, quality etc.

    Step7: After selecting the downloading options, the video will download and save in the VidMate.

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    Final thoughts: 

    VidMate is a great application that will minimize your video downloading process. If you are using a poor featured video downloading application, you will not get a good experience downloading the videos. It is better to consider the features and benefits listed above and try downloading the VidMate application as per the steps given above. There are many more queries the people are looking for like vidmate download, vidmate apk, vidmate app, vidmate apk download, vidmate app download, vidmate 2020, vidmate 2014, vidmate 2017, vidmate 2019, vidmate download 2018, vidmate old version, vidmate 2018, vidmate 2021, original vidmate, vidmate 4g, vidmate 2012, vidmate apk download latest version, vidmate download 2020, vidmate software, vidmate apk old version, vidmate free download, vidmate download 2021, vidmatevidmate, vidmate app 2017, vidmate 2011, vidmate 2015, vidmate download mp3 youtube, vidmate apk download install, vidmate 16, vidmate apk download old version, old vidmate, vidmate apk pure, vidmate apk download free for android, vidmate app download install old version, vidmate online, vidmate download 2019, vidmate apk free download, vidmate download 2016, vidmate apk 2020, vidmate apps 2012, vidmate app download install new version, vidmate for pc, vidmate app download apk, vid apk download, vidmate uptodown, vidmate old version 2014, vidmate 2018 app download, vidmate download apk old version, vidmate apk download 2020, vidmate old version download, vidmate 2019 apk, vidmate 2013, vidmate app free download, vidmate 2016, vidmate download 2018 install, vidmate 2019 app download, vidmate official, vidmate hd video downloader, vidmate application, vidmate app apk, download vidmate for pc, 9apps vidmate, vidmate youtube, vidmate hd, youtube video downloader vidmate, vidmate old version 2016, vidmate old version 2016 free download, vidmate old version 2018, vidmate video, vidmate 2020 new version, vidmate latest version, bhi mate apps, vidmate for iphone, we mate download, vidmate purana wala, original vidmate download, vidmate 9apps, vidmate mp3, purana vidmate, vidmate file, vidmate old version 2013, vidmate youtube downloader, original vidmate app, videmate app com, vmate 2019, vatmat, old vidmate app download, vidmate for android, vidmate apk 2021, vidmate old version 2015, old vidmate download, vidmate app install, विडमेट 2015, vidmate download hd, etc.

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