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How To Save From Fouls In Carrom Board Game?

Carrom is one of the most popular board games in India and is very addictive as well. It is traditionally a family game which is often played whenever there is a big festival or a big gathering of family members. It is also played among friends daily as something which is a preferred way of relaxation after the daily hustle. This has made carrom into one of the most liked games among all the generations. With the rise in technology, people started looking for solutions to play their favourite carrom at any time and any place. Hence arrived the era of board games on smartphones.

Carrom Board Game

Ever since games started being available on smartphones, developers have done exceptionally well to bring a lot of those childhood games along with the memories in the palm of their hands. One of the most popular games on smartphones turned out to be Carrom, simply because of the love that people had for the game. People started to carrom board download and play regularly with their friends and family. Now, there was no need for a physical board and coins to enjoy the essence of carrom. A phone was the only thing needed to enjoy carrom.

While carrom is quite a fun game to play, there are also a few fouls in the game which must be avoided at all costs if you want to stand a chance to win a match. Here are some fouls listed down for you that you have to avoid if possible.

1. Avoid pocketing your striker. Not only will you miss your turn, but you will also have to put one of your pocketed coins on the board.

2. Avoid pocketing your opponent’s coin. Doing so will only give an advantage to your opponent and give your one less chance of pocketing your coins.

3. Avoid hitting a coin out of the board’s boundary. It will just slow down the game for you and your opponent and will put you at a disadvantage.

4. Avoid pocketing the final piece before covering the queen. This is a big no-no as it will effectively end the game for you and give your opponent the win.

5. Avoid incorrectly positioning the striker before the shot. This will forfeit your chance and force you to put a pocketed coin of yours on the board.

6. Avoid taking your arm across the diagonal line while taking a shot. This would mean that you will incur a foul and you’ll be forced to place one of your pocketed coins on the board.

Some Tips That May Help You Win Online Carrom Game

1. Master Your Breaking Skills: Break is the most important part of the game, it's your first shot and it puts you in an advantageous position if you make the strike worth it. Try to pocket a puck in the break itself. This way you get another chance to strike and possibly get even more pucks into the pocket.

2. Avoid Making Fouls: It's a rookie mistake and it's bound to happen with you if you are new to this game. Foul could be done by pocketing the opposition player’s pucks, pocketing the strikers without the puck, pocketing the striker along with the puck, pocketing the final piece without pocketing the Queen and failing the break properly.

3. Queen: You can never exaggerate the importance of the queen in a carrom game and it's no surprise that the queen gets a due mention here. You can only pocket a queen if you pocket a puck of the colour you are assigned. In addition, the queen can only be pocketed as a follow-up to the cover. If you cannot pocket the cover, then the queen is placed once again back in the centre of the board.

4. Practice Trick Shots: Carrom is a game of trick shots and the most versatile of players have an added advantage of winning the game. Practice your re-bound shots, the third pocket shot as well as the cutter. Try using different fingers to get a better angle of the shots. This will prove handy when you will need some quick thinking to get out of difficult situations.

5. Have a Spread of Pieces on Board: I know right not the best option one would think as this gives the opponents a chance to bag the pucks. This works in your favour if your pieces on the board are spread apart. In such a situation, it becomes easier for you to decide your next strike.

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