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How To Grow Your Instagram Followers In 2022

    Who doesn’t want to grow their Instagram followers these days, especially when social media is such an effective business tool? Apart from being a leading social networking site, Instagram is a relevant asset for business owners and influencers alike.

    How To Grow Your Instagram Followers

    But how can you gain Instagram followers in 2022? Here are 14 of the best methods for you to try out on your own account.

    How To Grow Your Instagram Followers?

    → 1. Use An Instagram Growth Service

    There is a variety of Instagram growth services available to you, and each is slightly different. But, at the end of the day, using a growth service is one of the most effective ways to expand your reach on the app. 

    With so many different options available and each one being different, we recommend taking the time to do your research and establish which is the best Instagram growth service for you. Then, simply give it a shot - you’ll be surprised at how your follow count soars.

    → 2. Make Your Profile Stand Out

    Instagram is a highly visual app, which means that your content needs to be visually appealing in order to attract followers. The website Jonathon Spire suggests an optimal way to achieve this is by ensuring that all elements of your profile are present, up to date, and accurately representative of your brand. 

    You can achieve this by coming up with a creative bio or creating on-brand covers for your story highlights to keep your profile consistent with the theme of your page. By optimizing such elements of your profile, you will cause your account to stand out and attract the attention of potential followers.

    Profile Stand Out


    → 3. Post In Different Formats

    One of the beauties of Instagram is that it is diverse in the type of content that it features, meaning you have the opportunity to vary your content as well. Instagram allows you to post both photos and videos to your feed, as well as allowing you to create Reels and Stories. 

    Each of these unique options gives you the chance to enhance your Instagram account and give followers something different to view and look forward to. It’s important to ensure that your followers don’t get bored with your content, so switching it up and consistently posting in a variety of formats will give users a reason to keep an eye on your page.

    → 4. Optimize Captions For Instagram Search

    Instagram users often employ the search feature on Instagram in order to find brands that fit their interests. For this reason, it’s important for you to make sure that your posts are optimized for Instagram search - in other words, your captions should include keywords that your target audience would be likely to search for.

    In addition to including buzzwords and descriptive language in your posts, it’s always a good idea to include hashtags in your captions on Instagram. Hashtags are one of the most effective ways for Instagram users to be connected with accounts that they’d be likely to follow. 

    Optimize Captions For Instagram Search

    So, make sure that your captions include hashtags that are specific to your niche (too broad means that they’ll get lost in the shuffle, and too specific means that they won’t be suggested to enough users), and make sure that you don’t have too many hashtags (looks spammy) or too few (not as effective)...It’s a delicate balance, but we believe in you!

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    → 5. Post Consistently

    It’s important for your followers to know that they can count on you to be active, otherwise, they’re likely to lose interest. Posting continuously and within a fairly routine schedule will have users checking your page and interacting with your content. 

    Additionally, thanks to the Instagram algorithm, your posts are more likely to be promoted when your account is consistently active. Accounts that are sporadic or inactive with their posting are not typically the accounts that get boosted by Instagram itself.

    → 6. Engage With Other Accounts In Your Niche

    One of the best ways to create lucrative online connections is to be active on the pages of other accounts in your niche. This can include competitors or potential collaborators, and you can engage by following them, liking their content, leaving comments and even resharing their posts.

    While it may seem counterintuitive at first to support the content of your competitors, this can actually be effective in helping your account to get noticed by other users within your niche. As your name is seen more and more as an inactive member of your online community, you’ll be noticed by consumers and collaborators alike.

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    → 7. Create A Branded Hashtag Strategy

    Creating a branded hashtag is really a simple task - all you need to do is think of a creative, clever hashtag that includes your brand name and is descriptive of the purpose of your business or account. You should include this hashtag in your bio as well as all of your posts. 

    Branded Hashtag Strategy

    And, you should even take it one step further and invite your followers to use your branded hashtag when reposting your content or posting their own content about your brand. This is known as UGC, or “user-generated content,” and it promotes your brand name and leads to organic growth as your followers’ followers learn about your account and take an interest in it. 

    → 8. Collaborate With Influencers And Creators 

    Regardless of whether you are running a business Instagram account or you’re an influencer yourself, it’s always a great idea to build up partnerships and collaborate with influencers and creators. Creating such a partnership can lead to mutual, long-term benefits for everyone involved.

    As influencers post about you on their pages, their followers will see your brand being promoted by a trusted figure, and they will be likely to check out your page for themselves. This can lead to new followers and/or business for you.

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    → 9. Geotag Your Photos

    Geotagging is another great source of finding new followers who are likely to be interested in your content. This is a feature that is available for posts to your Story as well as your timeline, and it allows you to note the exact location of your post or your business.

    Geotag Your Photos

    This is a great option to try out, as it allows you to connect with users who are located in the same place as you or who live where your business is based/has locations. Instagram will often promote geotagged posts to users who are in the same location, leading to new connections and online communities.

    → 10. Cross-Promote On Other Social Media Channels

    While Instagram is a great source of growth for businesses and influencers, it is certainly not the only source of growth, nor is it the only one of its kind. It’s important to create a presence for your brand on a variety of social media sites, as this will give you multiple outlets to create unique platforms.

    Once you’ve established your brand on multiple channels, you should always be sure to cross-promote your various accounts. Odds are, if a user follows you on one social media channel, they have an account on some other sites as well -so take advantage of this, and make sure your followers know you have more great content to see on other channels!

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    → 11. Post When Your Audience Is Online

    Believe it or not, the time and day that you publish your content is an important part of maintaining and increasing your Instagram followers. You should make note of the times when your followers are the most active and ensure that you publish your posts at those times, as this will lead to the highest engagement rates for your posts. 

    Not sure how to make that happen? Instagram has made it easy for you by providing you with a breakdown of your followers’ activity. All you need to do is navigate to the “Insights” tab (it will be an option when you click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner of your page) and then click on “Total Followers” - this page will tell you all you need to know about your followers and their activity.

    → 12. Create Instagram Challenges

    Instagram challenges are a fun way to boost engagement on your account because they give you the opportunity to interact with your followers in a personal way. Whether you are designing a challenge that requires followers to come up with a creative caption, enter a funny picture, or develop a new product idea for your brand, you get a chance to see what kind of people follow you while also giving them a chance to interact with your brand individually.

    Create Instagram Challenges

    By participating in an Instagram contest, followers have an opportunity to connect with your account, which makes them more likely to continue being active in the future. And, you can always encourage them to tag their friends upon entering, which will lead to even more Instagram followers for you.

    → 13. Host An Instagram Giveaway

    Another great way to grow your Instagram followers is to host giveaways on your page. The world is your oyster when it comes to giveaways, so you have the liberty to decide what will be the requirements to enter and what will be the prize. 

    If you’re running a business, it’s a great idea to give away a free product of your own; for influencers, it’s smart to partner with a brand and give away a free product. But the real key to Instagram growth lies in the requirements to enter the giveaway. You can require users to follow your page, tag their friends, and leave a comment in order to be eligible to win the prize - this leads to increased followers and engagement!

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    → 14. Stay Original

    The most important part of Instagram growth is to be true to your brand. There are many ways to increase your followers on the app without losing sight of your brand identity, as we have talked about already. 

    It’s important to make sure that you uphold the integrity of your brand’s identity throughout the growth process. Followers who exist within your niche and are truly interested in your brand will follow you and continue to be active on your page when you are consistent and original with your content. Losing sight of this will do more harm than good, and no amount of growth is worth that - upholding your brand identity will lead to the most sustainable growth overall.

    Instagram Follower Wrap-Up

    Are you feeling inspired and ready to take on the world…or at least Instagram?! We think you’re ready! We talked about a lot of tips and tricks today, so remember that you don’t need to implement them all at once. It’s a good idea to try one or two at a time and see what works best for your page.

    But, no matter what, make sure that your page reflects the core of your brand through and through. This will be the most effective growth tool in the long run when paired with all other methods that you try.

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