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What are the Features of a Trading Account

    If you are familiar with stock trading, you may already know what a trading account is and want to know its benefits.

    Orders to buy and sell securities or to trade them using a trading account. A trading account is the only way to trade securities in markets in real-time. Consider a trading account to be a cashier and a Demat account to be the cash register. The cashier assists with transactions, while the Demat account holds the assets. A Demat account, on the other hand, is used to keep your stocks safe.

    In this article, we will take you through the functions and features of a trading account.

    Trading Account


    How Do Trading Accounts Function?

    Demat and bank accounts connect through a trading account. You can buy shares using a trading account while the stock exchange receives your transaction for processing. The allotted number of stocks go to your Demat account upon execution. Then the bank account debits in proportion to the amount owed.

    One goes through the opposite procedure when you place an order to sell equity shares. You lay a sale order for a specific number of shares from your trading account. An appropriate stock exchange receives the transaction for processing. The number of shares selected is deducted from your Demat account when the order executes.


    A Trading Account's Features and Benefits

    A trading account's benefits make it more profitable than physical trading. The following are some of the advantages of opening a trading account:

    Because transactions take place online, an online trading account helps us attract potential investors who want to trade securities with us. You no longer need to go out and find someone to trade with because your trading account will do it for you.

    Due to a trading account, your investment costs are reduced. It also offers liquidity (converts assets to cash).

    A trading account is essentially the only way to access the stock market. Without one, you'd most likely be paying exorbitant membership fees for a spot at the exchanges.


    Trading Account Characteristics

    Depending on where you open the account, different features may be available. Brokers are either traditional (full-service brokers) or budget (discount brokers). Traditional brokers offer a wide range of add-on services, which may include:

    Create Wealth, Retirement preparation, Returns on Taxes, Insurance, and Advice on Investing.

    Budget brokers or discount trading accounts are unlikely to bombard the customer with a slew of confusing add-on services. They provide more value on a smaller budget. Discount brokers are ideal for value-conscious investors who rely on their research and judgement. Discount brokers charge low brokerage fees for their services and are quickly gaining popularity.

    However, both brokers provide you with features like margin trading, which allows traders to leverage their cash and trade in much larger volumes than their revenue would allow.


    Choice India Trading Account

    Some of the main features of the Jiffy trading account are :

    Consolidated Scrip Overview 

    Get all scrip information from exchange segments on one page, including real-time market depth, bids and offers, charts, and 52-week low and high prices.

    Clean and Simple UI

    Simple search and navigation allow you to streamline trading activities in a few clicks with new functionalities and actions that improve user interaction.

    Customisable WatchList

    Five customisable WatchLists will help you keep track of all the scrips that interest you.

    Price Notifications

    Receive notifications when exchanges, indexes, and spots reach your price target.

    Alerts on Holdings

    Keep track of any 5-10% up and down movements in your holdings.

    Quick Ordering

    Scrip Overview, OrderBook, Portfolio, and WatchList are all places to buy and sell.

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